Looking for Bangladeshi Woman for Marriage

Well, you have stumbled upon the right place if your are seeking a Bangladeshi woman for marriage. Bangladesh has a very conservative society. So, it is often times difficult to find the right matrimonial match on your own – you need a helping hand. Be it your family, a professional matchmaker, or a matrimonial website.

The women in Bangladesh usually depend on their family to find the perfect husband for them. That’s why, the family plays a very vital role in finding the suitable groom. Even a girl goes outside this norm, and finds her life partner on her own, the family may intervene and try to impose their will on the girl. However, the family truly believes what they do or impose is for the best for girl.

It is often difficult to find the right match for someone. Everyone is different, and probably lacks certain “thing” that another partner may desire. Nobody is perfect. However, recognizing that one will not get everything in another person, and learn to compromise is not an easy task more. Eventually, we learn to compromise and recognize that nobody is perfect and we must find the best match among all the available prospects. However, it is always good to have the maximum number of prospects to choose from. A website like sensiblematch.com can provide a large database of people who are looking for life partners.





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Yet another match made in heaven


Congratulations to Tamim and Bushra. They recently got married. They found each other at SensibleMatch.com. Thanks to their guardian Mr. Mujtaba Quader for sharing this photo with us.

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Tips on choosing the right matrimonial videographer

Wedding videos are one of the most important aspects of a beautiful Bengali wedding day. The right videographer can make your matrimonial video a beautiful work of art. The level of skill and experience of the videographer will dictate the end result of your matrimonial video. You would need to proceed with caution and take your time in selecting the person who will capture the memories that will last you a lifetime.

You could start by interviewing a few videographers who have been recommended by friends and family. This way you can be assured of quality work. Videographers with ample experience shooting for marriages will know exactly what equipments they require and the kind of lighting that is suitable for either indoor or outdoor weddings. Any videographer who says that they shoot with natural lighting should raise a red flag in your mind immediately. This usually means that they have very limited experience shooting in different marriage locations. Natural lighting is never enough to capture the proceedings. Dependence on only natural lighting could result in dull and out of focus video shots.

Since the matrimonial videographer is responsible for capturing the video as well the sounds of the wedding day, he has to ensure that the microphone and other equipment necessary for capturing the wedding are completely serviced. Badly maintained sound equipment will mar the music and sound quality of the video. Many videographers are also offering the option of wireless microphones attached to the bridal couple in order to capture every moment of the Bengali marriage reception. Another very important matter to be discussed with the videographer is who will actually show up to the wedding in Bangladesh for the actual video shooting. It is wise to take into consideration the fact that the person who you are interviewing may not the person who will actually be in attendance on your matrimonial day.

It is also advisable to clarify the style of video that you want for your matrimonial video. There are many options being offered these days ranging from traditional videos to the more modern documentary style videos. Cinematic styles are also gaining popularity among bridal couples; however the favorite still remains the documentary style wherein all the special moments of the matrimonial day are captured in a candid and unscripted manner.

You can even check online and research about a suitable videographer for your marriage day. Most of the videographers are willing to share their portfolio with their potential clients and also offer discount if you book them online. Other than this, if you are hiring a matrimonial planner, he or she is likely to offer you a complementary or discounted videography package. Choose wisely as it is one of the most wonderful days of your life.

When selecting the videographer for your Bengali wedding day, it is important that you relay all the information that you want captured so that you will have the perfect matrimonial video that you can enjoy for years to come.


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Tips on Choosing Distinctive Wedding Reception Themes

Your spectacular Bengali wedding is going to the most memorable event in your life. It is the day that you and your spouse begin a new life together. A distinctive theme for your wedding day will make a great impression on your guests and will enable you to have a unique Bengali reception. Wedding themes are a fun way to incorporate your unique style and extravagance to your wedding day.

If you are planning your Bengali marriage in a grand ballroom, you could opt for a formal theme in keeping with your location. You could have a sit down dinner with classical music and absolutely formal dress code. For the more experimental bridal couples, a Bollywood theme is a great way to create a lively atmosphere among your guests at your Bengali reception. Instead of conventional music, you could opt for the latest Bollywood hits that will have your guests dancing the night away. You could also provide props and Bollywood inspired costumes for your guests to perform impromptu skits and dance numbers.

Traditional themes are great for those who do not want to lose out on the time-honored aspects of a wedding. Classical music and traditional décor will enable you to achieve the relatively traditional theme you are seeking to achieve at your Bengali marriage. A beach theme is the right way to go if you are planning your Bengali reception on a beach front property. You could have shell inspired table centerpieces and exotic floral arrangements that will enhance that beauty of your Bengali wedding locale. Several couples also use specific colors as their wedding themes. Colors like red white and gold are the most commonly used in weddings. Several brides also opt for bold colors like orange, turquoise and pink. For color-centered themes, you could co-ordinate décor, table linen, floral arrangements and even your outfit’s according to your chosen color. Color centric themes are not only easy to plan for but are also aesthetically pleasing to eye and make for great photographs.

Get more ideas from Internet by browsing to various websites. How about getting in touch with an experience marriage planner and get useful tips in making your marriage reception a huge event? Other than this, there are many Bangali matchmakers’ websites where you can get all important information pertaining to your marriage plan. You can even get huge discounts on your shopping also if you go through a specified wedding planner.

The wedding theme that you choose for your Bengali reception should reflect your spouse and your personal tastes and choices. A unique theme for your Bengali wedding will not only create a great ambiance and atmosphere for your guests, but will also generate a more enjoyable and visually stimulating experience for them. By selecting a specific theme for your wedding, you will be able create visual impact on your guests who will be sure to remember your wedding day for a long time to come. Also ensure, that you hire a good photographer to capture all these special moments!


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Makeup tips for a Bangladeshi bride

Every bride wants to look her best on her marriage day. The marriage day is also a day in which both- bride as well as groom wants to look glamorous, graceful, and in just the right makeup. These days, many beauty salons offer various pre-bridal beauty sessions that begin weeks before the marriage day. Listed below are some useful tips for a Bangladeshi bride so that she can become the centre of attraction on the most special day of her marriage.

Some basic tips before your Bangladeshi marriage:

If you are aiming at a graceful and glowing presence, it is important that you take care of your skin in advance.  The first step in this direction is increasing your intake of fluids, especially water as it helps removing toxins from the body and hydrating it.

Reduce your intake of junk and oily foods as it causes ugly patches to appear on your skin and increases fat content in your body. Avoid going out in sun, and in case you have to, use a strong sunscreen and an umbrella to protect your body.

Maintain good hygiene and pay special attention to your hands and feet. Keep your body well hydrated before marriage by using moisturizer and cleanser. This way you would keep them clean, soft and graceful for the most special day of your life.

Make up tips for your Bangladeshi marriage ceremony:

To reflect the beauty and elegance of a queen, just follow some interesting tips as listed below:

Never overdo anything, even makeup. Go for the makeup that compliments your personality and attire. To conceal facial flaws, opt for pigmented cream as a base. Mix the cream with powdered foundation and then use it on your back, hands, neck and all visible parts of boy for getting smooth, unform, and beautiful feel. This would ensure that you have even makeup on your body.

Eyes are your assets and the focus of your face! So, spend time and efforts to get the desired look. Go for an eye makeup that enhances their beauty and make them look brighter and more beautiful. So, apply kohl, eye shadows and other eye makeup items carefully and elegantly. If you want to highlight your eyes more, apply basic and neutral colours on your lips. If you have thin lips, go for light colors and those with fuller lips can use deep shades of lipsticks.

It is a wise decision to go for a professional help for bridal makeup. Before you get ready to appear for your marriage day, do check your front and profile looks.

Marriage being the most special occasions of your life, calls for extra efforts and precautions. Your looks can be frozen in form of wedding pictures for rest of your life so choose your makeup carefully. There are various Bangladeshi matrimonial sites that feature impressive marriage pictures and also offer you interesting and useful tips on almost every issue pertaining to a Bangladeshi marriage. Not only this, some of them even offer you a complete package deal so negotiate well with them so that the most special day of your life features the ‘most beautiful side’ of yours.

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Tips on organizing summer marriage

A majority of marriage planners in Bangladesh find summer as the ideal season for marriages. This is because there are multitudes of reasons behind this belief. Firstly, the warm weather provides a perfect combination of lighting that enhances the mood of celebration with fragrant and colourful flowers at the backdrop. Moreover, those on budget, can save their precious time, money and yet enjoy Bangladeshi marriage in the best possible manner.

Choice of flowers

While planning your Bangladeshi marriage in early summers, you can choose from a large variety of flowers that are available during this time of the year. Not only this, if you want the marriage decoration to take place with a particular variety of flowers, you can plan your marriage to coincide with the time such flowers are easily available.

Matrimonial attire

If you are planning to get married in summers, you need to look out for a dress that goes well with the season as well as the occasion. Go for breathable fabrics. Remember, summer fabrics have their unique personality and appeal. They allow you all the ease and comfort that can make or break an occasion like this. So, opt for cool summertime options while choosing your matrimonial attire. Go for fabrics such as cotton, eyelet, and linen as some of these fabrics work well during early months of summer.


While choosing your matrimonial caterer, planning in advance surely helps! For example, there are certain types of seafood that are prevalent during the second half of summer whereas some vegetables are abundant in the first. So, if you have preferences for specific types of foods, plan your marriage menu in a way that it suits your wishes and helps you save money as well.

Theme-based marriage

Summer allows you to arrange for theme-based marriages at exotic locations such as beach marriage, zoo or vineyard-themed marriage. The theme itself gives an indication for the kind of decoration that should be there. For example, for a beach marriage, you can use sand dollars, sea shells, and sand to depict the desired mood. The wedding cake that you order can be made in the shape of a sand castle. In fact, the same creativity can be shown while designing the invitation cards, setting tables and stage. Make interesting use of light blue, sea green, and the light gold color of sand. Similarly, animal loves would find zoo as a perfect location to exchange vows. How about having exotic animals in wedding pictures, which not only makes a perfect shot but makes a conversation piece too? But, if you are looking for a budget marriage, you may want to look for cheap yet beautiful locations for your marriage reception. Many public parks in Bangladesh ask for a very small donation amount and just need a surety that you would not leave it cluttered. A picturesque park offers wonderful setting with nature at the back drop and a brightly hued sunset.

Beside taking care of location and arrangements, there are few more things that you can do to make your Bangladeshi marriage successful. For example, you should plan the outdoor wedding towards the evening so that the temperature doesn’t spoil your mood. Precaution needs to be taken with meals and foods so that they are stored at right temperature including wedding cake. Some outdoor locations don’t have any electricity supply so if the arrangement is made towards the evening, you should ensure that there is adequate supply of electricity, batteries, or a generator. Summer season is a perfect time to get married provided you remember to follow the tips listed here.

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Marriage Registry-Selecting the perfect gifts

Marriage registries are rapidly gaining popularity among bridal couples these days. It is a great way for couples to ensure that their guests select gifts that they needs and also makes it easier for guests to select gifts without floundering for the mundane gifts of linen and crockery. It is important to register for gifts as early as possible. At the same time it is important to take into consideration different budgets and select gifts in varying price ranges.

One of the most popular matrimonial registry gifts are those of honeymoon packages. There are a variety of locations to choose from and certain guests would be happy to indulge the bridal couple in their dream honeymoon trip. For couples staring a new home, the option of household goods is a great way to build a new home together. Utility appliances like washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and even air conditioners could be registered. When registering for matrimonial gifts it is important to remember to register in at least three to four different retail stores. You could consider registering for your matrimonial gifts in stores other than big brand names. What is important is that the gifts that you select are to your taste and would be perfectly suited to your needs.

While registering for your matrimonial gifts it is important to make sure that the stores have the option of online shopping as well. This will make it easier for your guests to shop for you while in the comfort of their own home. At the same time, it is important to realize that not all your guests may have access to the Internet or may be as competent with online shopping as their younger counterparts. Therefore it would be advisable to have both options available to your guests. These days many bridal couples are asking guests to make donations to charities and non-profit organizations instead of spending the same amount that they would on their wedding gifts. This is a great way to give to those who are less fortunate, and many bridal couples are using their Bengali weddings to spread the word of donating to charity.

While selecting gifts for your marriage registry, it is important to make a list of everything that you as a couple would need to build a new home and life together. After the big wedding in Bangladesh, make sure that you send out thank you notes to all your friends and relatives for their contribution of gifts that will be a constant reminder of your special Bengali wedding day.

If you are availing the services of a professional matchmaker, you can get loads of ideas pertaining to selection of perfect marriage gifts. There are various marriage websites that offer you free advise not only on wedding arrangements, but also on honeymoon destinations, wedding attires, and so on. It surely makes sense to take care of minutest detail pertaining to your Bangali wedding so that the day proves to be the most auspicious and memorable day of your life.

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Tips on finding a right marriage singer

Music is the soul of every celebration! And, marriage being one of the most important and most celebrated occasions of your life, you just can’t afford to go wrong. While choosing a singer for your Bangladeshi marriage, you must aim at selecting a performer, who knows how to entertain the guests and make the most special day of your life memorable for not you but for others as well. Once you begin your research, you will be witnessed to a huge network of marriage singers.

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect singer for your Bangali marriage.

1)      Find out from your friends and family

Ask people around! Of course, this remains one of the best ways to find out a perfect marriage singer. Normally, people don’t hide their experiences – good or bad, and would surely give you the right advise while others having a good experience would like to boast about it.

        2) Search online

The online world offers you almost everything now! From marriage planners to, marriage caterer, from bridal wear showroom to bridal jewellery outlet, options are plenty, if you care to look for them. if finding from other people look like a wastage, you can use your Internet skills to find a suitable marriage singer for your Bangladeshi marriage. You can even read the reviews of some of their past clients and get an idea how they felt when they hired them.

3) Choose a person who can entertain

Entertainment is the key! Hire a marriage singer, who can sing about almost anything and is a real entertainer. You are likely to have a gathering of all kinds of people at your marriage. Keeping everyone happy and entertained would be your first preference. So, hire someone, who can entertain the crowd at your marriage and loves his job.

4) Cost matters!

Marriage is an occasion that often calls for huge expenses! When making a decision about choosing a right person for this job, evaluate the cost too. If you have hired a marriage planner, the chances of finding a perfect singer increase. This is because most of the matrimonial planners have tie ups with great singers and they can be thus made available for affordable rates.

5) Do your homework even when you have the perfect singer for your wedding

There even if you have found the perfect marriage singer, you prepare yourself well for the most special day of your life! Make a list of some of the most special songs that you may want to include in the list. Ensure that your marriage, singer knows about them and can sing them too. In fact, it makes sense that you interact the marriage singer before your choose him/her and know it’s worth the money that you are investing in.

Music is one of the most valued elements in a Bangladeshi marriage, so ensure you pay it the attention it deserves.  The time comes in life, when you love to replay the memories that you have gathered over the years, and music played on your marriage day can make these memories worthwhile.

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Top 5 marriage cake ideas

Unique marriage cakes are becoming increasingly popular among bridal couples, who are looking to stand out from the myriad of standard, traditional cakes that are seen at almost all Bengali wedding receptions. These days, cakes makers are providing bridal couples with several different options to the traditional marriage cakes. The top five cake ideas are as follows:
•    For those bridal couples who are looking for a radical change from the traditional marriage cake, a unique cake made up of various sizes and types of cheese is a great alternative. These cheeses can be stacked one on top of the other to represent the tradition wedding cake and can be decorated with grapes and other fruits to lend a festive look to this unique marriage cake.
•    Chocolate fountains are also rapidly gaining popularity as alternatives to the traditional matrimonial cake. This is a very entertaining and engaging alternative to classic wedding cakes. Instead of the traditional cutting of the wedding cake, you could have a symbolic switching on of the chocolate fountain much to the delight of your wedding guests.
•    Individual cupcakes that are stacked on a tier stand to resemble a wedding cake are a unique option to the standard wedding cake while at the same providing a stunning visual spectacle. These individual cupcakes are easy to serve and are ideal for couples who are considering an intimate gathering of friends and family for the Bengali wedding reception.
•    A sculptured cake in the form of representations of the bride and groom are an artistic alternative to traditional marriage cakes. These sculptures, usually made of solid chocolate, could be used to represent the bridal couple in a humorous way or in a form that is special to the couple. It is important to seek out the services of a skilled confectioner for this highly creative masterpiece.
•    The croquembouche which is a very popular French dessert is rapidly gaining popularity at weddings in Bangladesh. This dessert is made from choux balls that are lined up to form one tall mouth watering dessert. The choux balls are filled with chocolate or cream and this tower is then drizzled with caramel strings which make it a sight to behold.
Some marriage planners offer wedding cakes as a complimentary service to their customers, and in case you are also given this option, you should be candid about your preference. Some wedding planners exhibit all their planning related details on their website and tie up with reputed bakers and dress and accessory designers to offer their customers with a one-stop solution, it is a certainly a good idea to look for such an option. Remember, variety is always appreciated, so be experimental and innovative. If you are running short of ideas, use Internet to find solution.
With these unique alternatives to the traditional marriage cakes, you can be assured that no one in attendance at your Bengali wedding will forget the sight of you and your beloved cutting into a unique and exceptionally delectable marriage cake alternative.

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Tips on choosing wedding accessories

Every bride wants to look stunning on the most special day of her life. While it’s important to choose perfect bridal dress designer and makeup, bridal accessories also play a significant role in bringing the best out of you on your marriage day. Though selection has become easier in the days of internet and technology, but nothing can beat the joy of choosing each and every piece yourself for the most special day of your life.

Listed below are some tips for finding perfect marriage accessories:

What to choose first?

This is a good idea to choose bridal dress first and then choose the accessories so that they coordinate. Experimentation is the name of the game! Different hair accessories tend to look different in your hair. Get innovative. This would allow you to find something really innovative. There are numerous websites that allow you to explore to mix and match your dress with your accessories. Such features allow you to customize your own bridal dress within seconds. If you decide to avail services of a Bangladeshi marriage planner, you can get an impressive deal. Many marriage planners have tie ups with dress designers, jewellery designer etc. so you job becomes easier. You can even visit few bridal stores to identify what suits go well on your figure and suit your style. Also, you can shop within your budget.

Where to start from?

Start with hair. You can find designer headbands that can be worn with different hair styles hair down, half up or all up. To give an aesthetic look to your hair band, you can even get it wrapped with a ribbon matching your hair colour or get it decorated with pearls or crystals for bolder look.  Many brides prefer side headbands as they are quite in fashion now. Next come hair pins. The hairpins can be put into a bun, or plait to add desired sparkle. You can check online for buying impressive hair accessories for your marriage day. Some companies even offer customization to allow you to find products as per your need and taste.

How experimental I can get?

Maintain your style now matter everything you are wearing is new. Don’t choose fancy stuff that makes you feel like someone else. Always maintain your natural style by choosing accessories that enhance your style and give you a dignified look on your Bangladeshi marriage.

What type of jewellery to go for?

Confused about choosing between gold and silver? Well, gold jewellery is quite popular and usually matches with champagne and gold colored dresses. Silver, on the other hand, goes well with white and ivory colored dresses. If you’re after a classic look, go for elegant designs. Many bridal dresses look great with ethically designed necklace and earrings.

Choosing the right accessories for your Bangladeshi marriage day will help you make it make the most beautiful day of your life. Take best care while choosing bridal shoes, lingerie, head piece and bridal wear as they not only reflect the essence of a bride but also speak a lot about individuality and sense of style.

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