Tips on choosing wedding accessories

Every bride wants to look stunning on the most special day of her life. While it’s important to choose perfect bridal dress designer and makeup, bridal accessories also play a significant role in bringing the best out of you on your marriage day. Though selection has become easier in the days of internet and technology, but nothing can beat the joy of choosing each and every piece yourself for the most special day of your life.

Listed below are some tips for finding perfect marriage accessories:

What to choose first?

This is a good idea to choose bridal dress first and then choose the accessories so that they coordinate. Experimentation is the name of the game! Different hair accessories tend to look different in your hair. Get innovative. This would allow you to find something really innovative. There are numerous websites that allow you to explore to mix and match your dress with your accessories. Such features allow you to customize your own bridal dress within seconds. If you decide to avail services of a Bangladeshi marriage planner, you can get an impressive deal. Many marriage planners have tie ups with dress designers, jewellery designer etc. so you job becomes easier. You can even visit few bridal stores to identify what suits go well on your figure and suit your style. Also, you can shop within your budget.

Where to start from?

Start with hair. You can find designer headbands that can be worn with different hair styles hair down, half up or all up. To give an aesthetic look to your hair band, you can even get it wrapped with a ribbon matching your hair colour or get it decorated with pearls or crystals for bolder look.  Many brides prefer side headbands as they are quite in fashion now. Next come hair pins. The hairpins can be put into a bun, or plait to add desired sparkle. You can check online for buying impressive hair accessories for your marriage day. Some companies even offer customization to allow you to find products as per your need and taste.

How experimental I can get?

Maintain your style now matter everything you are wearing is new. Don’t choose fancy stuff that makes you feel like someone else. Always maintain your natural style by choosing accessories that enhance your style and give you a dignified look on your Bangladeshi marriage.

What type of jewellery to go for?

Confused about choosing between gold and silver? Well, gold jewellery is quite popular and usually matches with champagne and gold colored dresses. Silver, on the other hand, goes well with white and ivory colored dresses. If you’re after a classic look, go for elegant designs. Many bridal dresses look great with ethically designed necklace and earrings.

Choosing the right accessories for your Bangladeshi marriage day will help you make it make the most beautiful day of your life. Take best care while choosing bridal shoes, lingerie, head piece and bridal wear as they not only reflect the essence of a bride but also speak a lot about individuality and sense of style.

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Top common misconceptions related to marriage reception venues

Bengali weddings are celebrated with a lot of grandeur and festivity. Ensuring that every single detail is catered to is no small feat. One of the primary causes for concern for most bridal couples is finding the perfect location for their matrimonial reception. There are many misconceptions regarding marriage reception venues and it is best to clarify all doubts instead of worrying about trivial details.

The first and most common misconception among bridal couples is that they have to set a date first prior to seeking out the marriage reception location. It is important to determine the location prior to setting a final date. What if you have your heart set on that beautiful beach front resort but it is not available on the date that you have set? You will unnecessarily lose out on the perfect location all because you had fixed a date and all other arrangements have been made to suit that given date. Another misconception is that matrimonial reception venues should always be booked for Saturdays. For those who dare, a marriage ceremony during the week is a perfectly suitable time, provided that all your other arrangements can be made to accommodate a reception to be held during the week. Sunday is a perfectly viable option for a beautiful Bengali wedding as well.

It is not always necessary that the marriage reception hall should be separate from the location where the ceremony is being held. On the other hand it would be more convenient for guests if the location for the ceremony as well as the reception were the same.  Many locations provide facilities wherein the matrimonial ceremony is held in a smaller hall and the reception is held in the adjacent garden or larger ballroom. This also makes it easier for other details such as catering and lighting as well as décor. Venues such as these often have packages which make it easier on your budget and also the decoration as well as catering can be carried out without the hassle of moving from one location to another.

Though it is a good idea that you do adequate research about matrimonial venue well in advance and ensure even the minutest point is taken care of, however, you can avail the services of a professional matchmaker in Bangladesh. Not only this will help you save more time and enjoy your marriage, but also an access to various interesting offers available to their customers.  You just need to login and find one of the most professional matchmakers in Bangladesh, who can provide you with the kind of experience you are looking forward to.

Before confirming your marriage reception venue, it is best to keep aside all the misconceptions floating around. It is better to have an open mind while making arrangements pertaining to your wedding. Ultimately it is your special wedding in Bangladesh and you should be able to make choices that suit your needs and requirements. If you pay too much attention to these misconceptions you will end up losing out on your dream location.

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Ideas for unique Bangladeshi wedding favors

While you are busy planning to make your marriage in Bangladesh a huge success, spare a moment and put in some thought into options for your wedding favors. Wedding favors are a great way of showing your appreciation for your guests who have taken the time and made the effort to be an integral part of the most important day of your life. While it is easy to purchase any random, of-the-shelf show piece, you could consider customizing your wedding favors and make them unique.

Wedding favors for a Bangadeshi wedding could be a very personal item to some couples. You need not spend large amounts of money on wedding favors in order to make them special. First, you would need to set a budget for yourself and have an idea about number of guests expected at your wedding. If you want to personalize wedding favors, you could consider scented candles, photo frames, T-shirts with personalized messages for your guests to remember the day by or even personalized mugs. These items could be customized to suit your personal tastes as well as incorporate the special theme chosen for your beautiful Bengali marriage. If you plan on having limited number of guests at your wedding, you could even go the extra mile and bake miniature wedding cakes for your guests to enjoy after your Bangladeshi reception.

If you are someone, who is artistically inclined, you could even consider making your own creative wedding favors to distribute to friends and family at your Bangladeshi wedding reception. If you are someone who is familiar with the art of knitting or crochet, you could whip up a shawl or a purse to match you theme color and impress your guests with your artistic abilities. You could also visit your local craft store and purchase materials to make picture frames or jewelry boxes. Hand-made favors speak volumes about your talent as well as portray the effort that you put into making the wedding favor. Guests at your Bengali wedding will be highly appreciative of the time, effort and talent that went into making a creative and unique wedding favor.

You could find more if you just look around. Take a walk to nearby market or store, negotiate and finalize some of the best items that you could gift to your guests. How about researching some of the most famous Bangladeshi matchmaking or matrimonial websites, where you can easily find of the most fantastic ideas and impressive deals. There is no harm in writing to them and asking for a customized deal for your Bangladeshi marriage.

So whether you choose to purchase your wedding favors or make your own, you could ensure that you put some effort into customizing each piece according to the theme chosen for your wedding in Bangladesh. Personalized wedding favors prove to your guests that you have put some effort into selecting your wedding favors and that you are truly appreciative of their presence at the Bangladeshi marriage of your dreams.

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Tips on Getting Best Designer Matrimonial Outfits

The selection of a matrimonial outfit can be one of the most memorable events during the entire wedding planning process for a bride-to-be. Every woman wants to stand out and be unique from the rest of the crowd on her Bengali wedding day. These days selecting a matrimonial outfit has become easier than ever with the advent of talented and inspired designers.

These days, not only do matrimonial outfit designers customize the perfect the outfit to the exact details specified by the bride, they are also armed with a wide array of accessories, shoes and other embellishments that perfectly compliment the matrimonial outfit. The great thing about designers is that they go through great lengths in order to completely understand the requirements of the bride. Designers often schedule several sittings with the bride wherein they find out every aspect of the matrimonial outfit. Right from color, cut, fabric choice and accessories, every detail is meticulously thought out and planned in order to make the bride look unique and stunning on her grand Bengali wedding day. The difference between a designer matrimonial outfit and one that is brought from a regular store is that that apart from the customized fit and creative embellishments, your outfit is sure to be one of a kind as designer outfits are not produced in bulk and are hard to replicate.

Designers have the qualifications as well as the skill to create an exceptional garment that would be hard to imitate. With their knowledge about quality fabrics and materials, designers have the innate knack creating the most exquisite garments with great attention to detailing, cut and sewing techniques. To prepare for her lavish wedding in Bangladesh, a bride could incorporate unique and stylish designs that would reflect the color and theme of the wedding reception itself. It is also possible for designers to incorporate certain personal effects into the matrimonial outfit. Pieces such as material from an heirloom wedding outfit would be well crafted into the designer matrimonial outfit which would not only make the outfit more unique but personal as well.

You can even browse through various Bangladeshi matchmaking websites and look for design options in their Gallery section. Other than this, there are many Bangladeshi matrimonial websites that can offer you free tips on Bangladeshi wedding dress. If you are planning to avail the services of a marriage planner, he or she can also guide you through various design options available that can help you look good. There are many famous websites that also offer you huge discounts on dresses and accessories, along with free advice from famous designers. It surely makes sense to do some research before you take out a huge sum of money from your pocket to make the most beautiful day of your life memorable.

When selecting a matrimonial outfit, it is recommended that you approach a recognized and capable designer. Not only will they ensure that you will be the center of attention on your Bengali wedding day, but they will also make it easier for you to decide on your final look with their expertise and wide array of industry knowledge.


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Tips on choosing the right matrimonial videographer

Wedding videos are one of the most important aspects of a beautiful Bengali wedding day. The right videographer can make your matrimonial video a beautiful work of art. The level of skill and experience of the videographer will dictate the end result of your matrimonial video. You would need to proceed with caution and take your time in selecting the person who will capture the memories that will last you a lifetime.
You could start by interviewing a few videographers who have been recommended by friends and family. This way you can be assured of quality work. Videographers with ample experience shooting for marriages will know exactly what equipments they require and the kind of lighting that is suitable for either indoor or outdoor weddings. Any videographer who says that they shoot with natural lighting should raise a red flag in your mind immediately. This usually means that they have very limited experience shooting in different marriage locations. Natural lighting is never enough to capture the proceedings. Dependence on only natural lighting could result in dull and out of focus video shots.
Since the matrimonial videographer is responsible for capturing the video as well the sounds of the wedding day, he has to ensure that the microphone and other equipment necessary for capturing the wedding are completely serviced. Badly maintained sound equipment will mar the music and sound quality of the video. Many videographers are also offering the option of wireless microphones attached to the bridal couple in order to capture every moment of the Bengali wedding reception. Another very important matter to be discussed with the videographer is who will actually show up to the wedding in Bangladesh for the actual video shooting. It is wise to take into consideration the fact that the person who you are interviewing may not the person who will actually be in attendance on your matrimonial day.
It is also advisable to clarify the style of video that you want for your matrimonial video. There are many options being offered these days ranging from traditional videos to the more modern documentary style videos. Cinematic styles are also gaining popularity among bridal couples; however the favorite still remains the documentary style wherein all the special moments of the matrimonial day are captured in a candid and unscripted manner.
A videographer can make or break your day, just ensure that you choose the one carefully. If you avail the services of a marriage planner, you may also get a lucrative deal if you choose to go with the photographer they are promoting, but even in that case, you must be careful about your selection. Go with the one that you are fully convinced about as your marriage is once in a lifetime event and thus needs to be celebrated with style and elegance. The photographer must be capable of capturing all beautiful moments and have a passion for photography.
When selecting the videographer for your Bengali wedding day, it is important that you relay all the information that you want captured so that you will have the perfect matrimonial video that you can enjoy for years to come.

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Winter marriage wonderland

Winter is one of the most popular times for having a grand Bengali wedding. Matrimonial ceremonies held during winter have a magical and enchanting feel to them that cannot be achieved at any other time. Bridal couples who are planning their matrimonial ceremonies during this time of the year have many options to choose from with regards to theme, colors and décor.

A winter marriage wonderland theme is all about blending the festive season along with your marriage celebrations. This can be achieved in many ways. For instance, the color scheme could reflect winter wonderland with a combination of pure white with silver or gold. Metallic colors lend themselves perfectly to the winter marriage theme. The colors add certain amounts of sophistication and elegance to the entire décor. For your floral decorations you could consider flowers that would blend in with the winter theme. Beautiful centerpieces with pristine white flowers, highlighted with pearl strings or shimmering snowflakes would create a stunning visual effect. You bouquet could consist of white calla lilies accented with the color of your theme. This with not only blend in with the winter marriage theme, but will also capture everyone’s attention with its creative simplicity.

Your matrimonial cake could also reflect the winter marriage theme by incorporating some of the iconic symbols of winter. The most favored cake designs involve simple white tier cakes, decorated with strings of beads and snowflakes of varying sizes. Those bridal couples who want a more festive touch to their celebrations could incorporate delicate crystal figurines of reindeer, carolers and even the jolly old man himself as part of their cake décor. In keeping with the winter marriage wonderland theme, you could consider customized tree ornaments as your matrimonial favors. Alternatively, customized gingerbread cookies with the date of your wedding, or delicate crystal ornaments with your names and the date of your wedding etched on them would make perfect wedding favors for your winter marriage wonderland.

Get more ideas logging onto various marriage planning websites that offer you free tips and advises on organizing a theme marriage party. You can even take help from an experienced marriage planner and get things organized in an ideal manner. There are many Bangladeshi matchmaker websites that not only offer you free registration but help you get lucrative deals that can make your marriage an impressive event. Look for such matrimonial planners in Bangladesh and see what they have to offer you.

When planning a winter themed marriage it is important to incorporate all the elements that represent the season into all aspects of the wedding.  Right from the flowers, décor, as well as the bridal entourage outfits, everything can be customized to reflect the winter wonderland that you are trying to create. Simplicity and elegance are best reflected in a theme that involves winter. Get experimental and leave no stone unturned to organize the most special moment of your life. Avail professional services and just enjoy every moment. Try to retain your own style and taste while blending in all things winter for your beautiful wedding in Bangladesh.


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Yet another match made in heaven



We are happy to let the world know that Mr. Sabit Ahmed and Ms. Sayma Habiba got married recently.

They met each other at We wish them all the best!

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How to deal with the stress from your matrimonial planning

The stress of dealing with planning a wedding in Bangladesh is enough to test the patience of the most enduring person. However, there are several ways to deal with the stress that culminates from matrimonial planning. It is necessary to stay calm on the days leading up to special Bengali wedding day, as just as a wedding comes once in a lifetime, so does the wedding planning. The days prior to your wedding should be remembered as joyous and momentous occasions that you will cherish forever, not the most stressful days of your life.

Stress can result in bad management and poor judgment. The key is to stay calm no matter what the situation. On the days leading up to your wedding in Bangladesh, it is important to surround yourself with people who have a calming influence on you and whose opinions you implicitly trust. These are the people who will help you to make all the right decisions and keep you on the right path. Meditation and exercising also helps to a great extent to relieve stress. Exercise will not only help you de-stress but also lose that unnecessary weight before your wedding. Exercising and eating the right way can reduce stress levels and will also put a radiant glow on your face before your wedding in Bangladesh.

A great way to distress is to visit your favorite spa. Take in a few treatments and pamper yourself and just for those few hours forget about all planning details and decisions. A foot massage, facial or any other treatment is a great way of indulging yourself before the Bengali wedding. By setting up weekly appointments for different treatments, you could set aside sometime for yourself where you would not have to deal with the pressure that goes with planning a wedding successfully. Most importantly, to relieve yourself of wedding planning stress, spend time with your loved ones. Spending quality time with your family and friends will help put things into perspective. You will realize that a wedding is more about the relationships about to be forged rather that the perfect menu or impeccable seating arrangements.

There are many Bangladeshi matrimonial websites that offer you great tips on unwinding and fighting marital stress.  You can also check various Bangladeshi matchmaking websites and look for lucrative discounts on spa treatment, beauty parlors etc. Marriage is an occasion that must be enjoyed and celebrated with beauty, grace, and ethnicity. It makes sense if you look comfortable and relaxed while making a new beginning in your life. I am sure you would all agree if the beginning is good, the journey is smooth. The entire joy of planning a wedding in Bangladesh is to make the journey as memorable as the destination.

In order to truly enjoy your wedding day, make sure that you remain stress-free and calm on the days leading up to your special wedding in Bangladesh. Enjoy it as much as when you see your marriage album in later years, it is your calmness that makes it more memorable for you both other than the beauty of the event.

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Marriage invitation cards Vs. Marriage invitation Emails

Marriage invitations provide your guests with all the details necessary for your upcoming wedding in Bangladesh. These days many couples are resorting to sending out marriage invitation emails which are proving to be not only convenient but immediate as well. This is especially true for those couples who need to send invitations to relatives and friends residing outside the country without depending on the often-delayed postal network.

While some may argue that marriage invitation emails are not as personal as the actual invitation cards themselves, it must be noted that a lot of time and effort is also put into the designing and decoration of invitations that are sent through emails as well. Computers these days have advanced drastically to assist you in completing the task of making the perfect email invitation cards. The paint or Photoshop tools are great for customizing your invitation cards and you can be assured that cards designed this way are going to be one-of-a-kind. For those artistically inclined couples who already have graphic images and depictions they have created themselves; these can be scanned and fed into the computer to incorporate into the matrimonial invitation.

When designing an email marriage invitation card, it is important to keep in mind that you mention all the important details as you would on a regular invitation card such as names of the couple as well as the parents, location and time of the wedding ceremony as well as the reception, along with correspondence details and phone numbers.  Just because you are sending out an email invitation for your Bengali wedding, does not mean that you should use slang words and make it completely informal, even when sending the invitation to a close friends. It is important to maintain the same theme that you have set for your guests. Also keep in mind that marriage invitation emails are an efficient and speedy way to remain in contact with your family and friends, especially for those who live a fair distance away from you.

A marriage invitation would always need to be made special for your grand Bengali wedding. You could ensure that your marriage email invitation is just as special as the invitation that you have distributed to other family members and friends. You could consider going that extra mile and specially designing an invitation that has to be sent out through an email to your loved ones.  Probably, you can check various Bangladeshi matchmaking websites offering a variety of services including wedding card design. You can go through the card designs available there, and also request for a good deal. Another idea could be browsing through online matrimonial card design websites and look for special discounts and deals.  With just a little more efforts, your Bangladeshi wedding can prove to be an event- you would never forget. But, while choosing a perfect marriage card, do not forget to get one mounted so that you can also preserve those special memories forever.

Special emphasis on the unique design and decorative elements could make your marriage email invitation card as unique and special as your wedding itself.

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Tips on choosing creative marriage invitation cards

Creative marriage invitation cards have the tendency to set the entire tone for your impending matrimonial day. The type of marriage that you select could give your guests a glimpse of what to expect from your beautiful Bengali wedding day.

When selecting a marriage invitation card, it is important to keep the theme of your wedding in mind. Your matrimonial invitation card could reflect the theme that you have chosen for your Bengali wedding day, be it a color or any others creative theme. In order to customize your marriage invitation card you could consider incorporating the words of your favorite song or a few lines from your favorite poet into the invite itself. Many bridal couples these days are also increasingly utilizing photographs of themselves in their invitation cards. This could add a more personal touch to the marriage invitation.

For those bridal couples who love the outdoors, dried and pressed flowers would lend a beautiful and natural effect to your invitation. Many bridal couples are also utilizing the layered and textured effect, influenced by the art of scrapbooks. Imitating miniature versions of books, these cards tell the story of how the couple met and fell in love. Pictures, important dates and certain memorabilia could be incorporated to make it more customized. Many couples are also favoring cards that reflect their professions. A combination of two professions could also reflect the theme of the wedding. Carefully selecting the words for the marriage invitation and artistic blends of two different styles portray the different likes of the bridal couple.

With the advent of technology, couples are increasingly displaying their creativity through marriage invitation cards in the form of CDs. The best thing about selecting a CD as your matrimonial invitation card is that you could create a slide show of pictures detailing the important moments in your lives along with your favorite songs. The CD could then end with the details and information about your chosen Bengali wedding date, time and location.

If you decide to avail the services of a professional matchmaker, you can expect good discounts on various matrimonial arrangements such as wedding attires, wedding cards, reception venues, etc. This is because, matchmakers often have liaisons with such people in the industry and they can offer you lucrative deals that you would not like to miss. If you decide to go independently, you can make full use of technology and look for websites of professional marriage card designers. If you book your order online, they offer great discounts too. As marriage is an important event in your life, it makes sense to select only the best ways to celebrate this.

There are endless opportunities for couples to display their creativity and talent through creative marriage invitation cards for their wedding in Bangladesh. It is important to retain your own personal style and artistic influences when selecting your marriage invitation cards. The invitation should be a blend of creativity and real life. This is what gives any marriage invitation card a personal touch and distinguishes it from the rest.

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