Tips on organizing summer marriage

A majority of marriage planners in Bangladesh find summer as the ideal season for marriages. This is because there are multitudes of reasons behind this belief. Firstly, the warm weather provides a perfect combination of lighting that enhances the mood of celebration with fragrant and colourful flowers at the backdrop. Moreover, those on budget, can save their precious time, money and yet enjoy Bangladeshi marriage in the best possible manner.

Choice of flowers

While planning your Bangladeshi marriage in early summers, you can choose from a large variety of flowers that are available during this time of the year. Not only this, if you want the marriage decoration to take place with a particular variety of flowers, you can plan your marriage to coincide with the time such flowers are easily available.

Matrimonial attire

If you are planning to get married in summers, you need to look out for a dress that goes well with the season as well as the occasion. Go for breathable fabrics. Remember, summer fabrics have their unique personality and appeal. They allow you all the ease and comfort that can make or break an occasion like this. So, opt for cool summertime options while choosing your matrimonial attire. Go for fabrics such as cotton, eyelet, and linen as some of these fabrics work well during early months of summer.


While choosing your matrimonial caterer, planning in advance surely helps! For example, there are certain types of seafood that are prevalent during the second half of summer whereas some vegetables are abundant in the first. So, if you have preferences for specific types of foods, plan your marriage menu in a way that it suits your wishes and helps you save money as well.

Theme-based marriage

Summer allows you to arrange for theme-based marriages at exotic locations such as beach marriage, zoo or vineyard-themed marriage. The theme itself gives an indication for the kind of decoration that should be there. For example, for a beach marriage, you can use sand dollars, sea shells, and sand to depict the desired mood. The wedding cake that you order can be made in the shape of a sand castle. In fact, the same creativity can be shown while designing the invitation cards, setting tables and stage. Make interesting use of light blue, sea green, and the light gold color of sand. Similarly, animal loves would find zoo as a perfect location to exchange vows. How about having exotic animals in wedding pictures, which not only makes a perfect shot but makes a conversation piece too? But, if you are looking for a budget marriage, you may want to look for cheap yet beautiful locations for your marriage reception. Many public parks in Bangladesh ask for a very small donation amount and just need a surety that you would not leave it cluttered. A picturesque park offers wonderful setting with nature at the back drop and a brightly hued sunset.

Beside taking care of location and arrangements, there are few more things that you can do to make your Bangladeshi marriage successful. For example, you should plan the outdoor wedding towards the evening so that the temperature doesn’t spoil your mood. Precaution needs to be taken with meals and foods so that they are stored at right temperature including wedding cake. Some outdoor locations don’t have any electricity supply so if the arrangement is made towards the evening, you should ensure that there is adequate supply of electricity, batteries, or a generator. Summer season is a perfect time to get married provided you remember to follow the tips listed here.

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