Makeup tips for a Bangladeshi bride

Every bride wants to look her best on her marriage day. The marriage day is also a day in which both- bride as well as groom wants to look glamorous, graceful, and in just the right makeup. These days, many beauty salons offer various pre-bridal beauty sessions that begin weeks before the marriage day. Listed below are some useful tips for a Bangladeshi bride so that she can become the centre of attraction on the most special day of her marriage.

Some basic tips before your Bangladeshi marriage:

If you are aiming at a graceful and glowing presence, it is important that you take care of your skin in advance.  The first step in this direction is increasing your intake of fluids, especially water as it helps removing toxins from the body and hydrating it.

Reduce your intake of junk and oily foods as it causes ugly patches to appear on your skin and increases fat content in your body. Avoid going out in sun, and in case you have to, use a strong sunscreen and an umbrella to protect your body.

Maintain good hygiene and pay special attention to your hands and feet. Keep your body well hydrated before marriage by using moisturizer and cleanser. This way you would keep them clean, soft and graceful for the most special day of your life.

Make up tips for your Bangladeshi marriage ceremony:

To reflect the beauty and elegance of a queen, just follow some interesting tips as listed below:

Never overdo anything, even makeup. Go for the makeup that compliments your personality and attire. To conceal facial flaws, opt for pigmented cream as a base. Mix the cream with powdered foundation and then use it on your back, hands, neck and all visible parts of boy for getting smooth, unform, and beautiful feel. This would ensure that you have even makeup on your body.

Eyes are your assets and the focus of your face! So, spend time and efforts to get the desired look. Go for an eye makeup that enhances their beauty and make them look brighter and more beautiful. So, apply kohl, eye shadows and other eye makeup items carefully and elegantly. If you want to highlight your eyes more, apply basic and neutral colours on your lips. If you have thin lips, go for light colors and those with fuller lips can use deep shades of lipsticks.

It is a wise decision to go for a professional help for bridal makeup. Before you get ready to appear for your marriage day, do check your front and profile looks.

Marriage being the most special occasions of your life, calls for extra efforts and precautions. Your looks can be frozen in form of wedding pictures for rest of your life so choose your makeup carefully. There are various Bangladeshi matrimonial sites that feature impressive marriage pictures and also offer you interesting and useful tips on almost every issue pertaining to a Bangladeshi marriage. Not only this, some of them even offer you a complete package deal so negotiate well with them so that the most special day of your life features the ‘most beautiful side’ of yours.

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