Offline vs Online Profiles

Depending on who creates a profile, we have two types of profiles:

  1. Offline Profiles
  2. Online Profiles

Offline Profiles

When a matchmaker a creates a profile on behalf of a client, we call it an offline profile. This profile can only be edited by the matchmaker and the matchmaker controls all rights to this profile. Any request to access the Private View of the profile comes to the matchmaker for approval. An offline profile is useful for customers who generally do not use computers and prefer to have the matchmaker take care of all the details. Many customers may not have access to Internet, and may wish to have offline profiles created by their matchmakers.

Online Profiles

Any user on our site can create a profile. A matchmaker is not needed to create a profile. When the user creates the profile, the user retains all the rights to the profile including right to approve all requests to access the private view of the profile. This type of profiles are called Online Profiles. The user can edit the profile anytime.

Related Questions

1. Which one is right for me?

It depends. If you are Internet savvy, and spend quite a bit of time surfing the web, we recommend that you create an Online Profile so that you can edit the profile any time you want. However, if you are not comfortable with using a computer, or you just don’t have time to deal with all the messages that may come to you on our site, and you would rather have a matchmaker respond to those messages, you should opt for an offline profile. If you want to create an offline profile, you should contact our customer support center and they can help you with the profile creation.

2. My matchmaker created an offline profile for me. Can I now get a userid and password so that I can edit the profile?

No. This is a feature that we have in our “wish list”. We will add this feature in future.  However, currently our website does not allow us to generate any userid/password for an offline profile. Only the matchmaker who creates the profile can access it.  Currently, there is a workaround: If you must have full control on your profile, you can simply create a new Profile (online profile) on our website and inform us. We will activate your new profile and deactivate your old profile.


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