Social Importance of Marriage in Bangladesh

Marriage in Bangladesh is considered to be a social necessarily and responsibility. The elaborate fanfare and religious sanctity associated with Bangladeshi marriage ceremonies make it unique and enjoyable. Despite creeping of contemporary trends and fashion and popularity of online Bangladeshi matrimonial services, the social and religious significance, authenticity of ethnic traditions, rich culinary heritage, and collective celebration are part and parcel of Bangladeshi wedding fiesta. The family participation, community blessings, and social values distinctly mark any Bangladeshi marriage ceremony.

The following points demonstrate the social importance attached to both Muslim and Hindu marriage in Bangladesh.

Family Role and Presence

Recognition of the family and community is paramount in every Bangladeshi marriage. A normal marriage in Bangladesh is one approved by parents and relatives. Though now people prefer Bangladeshi matrimonial online services thanks to the convenience and facilities they provide, approval of family and relatives plays a big role in the final choice. Whenever I attended any Bangladeshi wedding, I discovered the presence of large number of family members and relatives. Almost all close relatives, ranging from parents, brothers, sisters, cousins to distant relatives are invited. The parents of prospective bride and grooms have a social obligation to invite all relatives and friends and the invitees are required to grace the occasion.

Community Recognition

A marriage in Bangladesh is considered void unless attested by the community. Both in villages or cities, hosts have a duty to invite friends, relatives and neighbors in the locality they live. Whether it is a Hindu or Muslim marriage in Bangladesh, the community presence highlights social acceptance. It makes the affairs grand and more enjoyable. Nowadays people plan Bangladeshi marriages filled with pomp and splendor to attract more community attraction and leave a lasting impression in proportion to their social status. The rich make it a point to invite prominent people and spend on showcasing the occasion while the poor at least organize a feast for the people living in the locality.

Traditions and Social Values

If you want to have a glimpse of ethnic traditions, Bangladeshi marriage ceremonies are perfect place to experience them. Despite the sheer popularity of Bangladeshi matrimonial services online and adoption of changing trends, people still make it a point to follow age old customs and showcase the best part of their traditions. The food, clothes, jewelry, and ceremonies, all are express the best of the ethnic roots. For example, traditional specialties, such as different types of fish curry and rice, continue to dominate the menu and attract guests despite now people list Chinese and Italian culinary cultures in big fat Bangladeshi marriage ceremonies. Similarly, the traditional native textiles are first preference as clothes for people attending marriage ceremonies.

Social importance of a Bangladeshi marriage can be gauged from the fact that parents of brides and grooms jealously follow the pre and post-nuptial customs. The turmeric ceremony, three days before the marriage, is observed as a mini-marriage. It has all the elements of fun mixed with traditional customs. Equally impressive are religious and social functions on the eve of marriage and reception.

Social importance is the hallmark of any Bangladeshi marriage. Despite people choosing online Bangladeshi matrimonial services and following contemporary trends, the customary practices are still prevalent in all aspects. This feature makes marriages in Bangladesh attractive and pleasant.

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