Save Money When Planning A Wedding On A Budget

Drawing a budget is the most crucial factor as it influences other things related to a wedding. It is not easy for most people to draw up a clear budget and also stick to it. The same problem was faced by my good pal – Nusrat Ali Begum during her recently-held Bangladeshi marriage to a guy whom she found through a popular Bangladeshi matrimonial site. Nusrat was short on finance and hence she wanted to cut several corners and plan a wedding on a budget. The first thing she did to ensure that the total cost involved in wedding celebrations does not go beyond her fixed financial plan was to settle for a simpler yet elegant and stylist wedding ring. In stead of having a huge, oversized and a highly expensive wedding ring, she settled for a delicate diamond ring that looked perfect on her finger.

Nusrat wanted the religious ceremonies and traditions related to Bangladeshi matrimonial to be kept simple and short without going into any elaborate process. She was wise enough to understand that too many ceremonies would entail cost of too many expensive things and thus she preferred to have fewer religious traditions take place during her arranged marriage. Nusrat also ensured that money was not spent on overpriced and unnecessary frills rather it is invested in lasting things that could give happiness beyond that particular day.

Knowing that dazzling wedding invitations with expensive paper material and exclusive designs would burn a hole in her pocket, Nusrat happily settled down for simpler yet tastefully done wedding cards that costs much less. In fact, she designed some cards for some of her very close family friends that could lend a personal touch to her Bangladeshi wedding invitation and also save a great deal of money. Sticking to simpler printing techniques for some of her printed wedding cards was also a way to bring down the wedding cost.

Keeping the wedding venue décor simple and yet sophisticated was on the top of her budget wedding plan. She did not want to splurge on imported and rare flowers and thus ordered the decorator to use only seasonal flowers and not to put on excessive lighting. To get attractive deal for the wedding necessities, Nusrat shopped around a lot to find reasonable stuff and made optimum use of her negotiations skills. This helped her to strike a favorable deal with vendors. She also availed discount coupons that flashed as ads in a Bangladeshi marriage site in order to save good amount of money.

Like Nusrat, several Bangladeshi couples opt for a budget wedding in order to enjoy their marriage fully without feeling the pocket pinch.  Determining how much they can spend on each area can help Bangladeshi couples to allocate money and not go overboard with their expenditures.

With rising inflation, it makes sense to save money while planning your wedding. The money that you save by making little adjustments can be used to meet your future expenditure.

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  1. I think, as it concerns planning your wedding with limited funds, the best way to save money is to do as much as you can, by yourself, bypass the wedding planner and gets some friends together to do the wedding flowers, decorations and photographer.

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