Bangladeshi wedding gift ideas

Weddings are a great affair in Bangladesh as in most other parts of the world. Generally, two types of marriages are prevalent in Bangladesh – Muslim weddings and Hindu weddings. The concept of exchanging gifts is also common in all Bangladeshi weddings. There are certain common wedding gifts that can be gifted to Bangladeshi couples, irrespective of whether they are Hindus, Muslims or from other religion or community. There are certain common items such as flowers, souvenirs, dresses and decorative home and kitchen items that you can gift newly-wed couples. However, there are certain gifts which are preferred in traditional Muslim and Hindu weddings in Bangladesh.

Muslim Bangladeshi wedding

If you are attending a Muslim wedding in Bangladesh, there are a certain unique gift items you can consider for the couple. At the same time, you should avoid certain items. You should remember never to gift alcohol to a traditional Muslim couple. This is because drinking alcohol is prohibited in Islam and this can be a bit offending.

Kitchen and home décor – The safest and the best gifts you can consider for the newly-wed Muslim couple is kitchen and home décor items. Depending on your budget, you can perhaps buy a glass dinner set, kitchen utensil set, soup bowl set, fruit bowls, blender and juicer. You can also gift the couple decorated dining table cloth and mats, coasters and cutlery holders. As far as home décor items are concerned, you can buy designer flower vase, crystal flowers, wooden and crystal animals and other small souvenirs. Newly married Muslim couples would also appreciate gifts such as Iranian carpets, satin bed spreads and cushion covers as well as curtain sets.

Books and artwork – In Bangladeshi Muslim weddings, a very popular gift you can offer is an Islamic book on marriage that would give the newly weds an idea about the ethos and conducts after wedding. It will also help the couple understand each other better. Islamic artworks such as paintings and mini carving and statues look wonderful when you give them as a gift to young couples, but make it a point it conveys an optimistic message.

Bride’s gift – If you are a woman visiting a Bangladeshi Muslim wedding, you can get a gift for the bride. One of the best gifts for women is the Hijab. These come in beautiful colors and designs. You can also gift bags and wallets. Besides, gifting cosmetics, such as body creams, perfumes, compacts and facial sets are also popular in Bangladesh.

Hindu Bangladeshi wedding

As a prominent section of the Bangladeshi population practices Hinduism, if you go to a traditional Hindu wedding, there are certain gifts you can consider. Jewelry box, perfumes, flowers and home décor items are highly preferred by Hindu couples in Bangladesh. Kitchen utensils including dinner set, soup bowls and cutleries are also ideal gift items for the newly-weds.

You can also gift the newly married couples small crystal, wooden and brass statues and paintings of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Dhakai and taant sarees and suit pieces are also preferred by women in Bangladesh. However, try to avoid the color black, which is not considered to be an auspicious color by the Hindus, especially at weddings.

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