Top 5 marriage cake ideas

Unique marriage cakes are becoming increasingly popular among bridal couples, who are looking to stand out from the myriad of standard, traditional cakes that are seen at almost all Bengali wedding receptions. These days, cakes makers are providing bridal couples with several different options to the traditional marriage cakes. The top five cake ideas are as follows:
•    For those bridal couples who are looking for a radical change from the traditional marriage cake, a unique cake made up of various sizes and types of cheese is a great alternative. These cheeses can be stacked one on top of the other to represent the tradition wedding cake and can be decorated with grapes and other fruits to lend a festive look to this unique marriage cake.
•    Chocolate fountains are also rapidly gaining popularity as alternatives to the traditional matrimonial cake. This is a very entertaining and engaging alternative to classic wedding cakes. Instead of the traditional cutting of the wedding cake, you could have a symbolic switching on of the chocolate fountain much to the delight of your wedding guests.
•    Individual cupcakes that are stacked on a tier stand to resemble a wedding cake are a unique option to the standard wedding cake while at the same providing a stunning visual spectacle. These individual cupcakes are easy to serve and are ideal for couples who are considering an intimate gathering of friends and family for the Bengali wedding reception.
•    A sculptured cake in the form of representations of the bride and groom are an artistic alternative to traditional marriage cakes. These sculptures, usually made of solid chocolate, could be used to represent the bridal couple in a humorous way or in a form that is special to the couple. It is important to seek out the services of a skilled confectioner for this highly creative masterpiece.
•    The croquembouche which is a very popular French dessert is rapidly gaining popularity at weddings in Bangladesh. This dessert is made from choux balls that are lined up to form one tall mouth watering dessert. The choux balls are filled with chocolate or cream and this tower is then drizzled with caramel strings which make it a sight to behold.
Some marriage planners offer wedding cakes as a complimentary service to their customers, and in case you are also given this option, you should be candid about your preference. Some wedding planners exhibit all their planning related details on their website and tie up with reputed bakers and dress and accessory designers to offer their customers with a one-stop solution, it is a certainly a good idea to look for such an option. Remember, variety is always appreciated, so be experimental and innovative. If you are running short of ideas, use Internet to find solution.
With these unique alternatives to the traditional marriage cakes, you can be assured that no one in attendance at your Bengali wedding will forget the sight of you and your beloved cutting into a unique and exceptionally delectable marriage cake alternative.

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