Wedding Thank You notes- Show your gratitude

All the months of planning and hard work have finally paid off. Your grand Bengali wedding went off without any problems and all your guests walked away feeing well cared for and had the experience of a lifetime. Now the time has come for you to open up the piles of gifts you received from your well wishers on your Bengali wedding day.  While this is a part most couples enjoy, what comes next can be quite daunting: the ‘Thank You’ notes.

The writing of heartfelt notes thanking your guests for their thoughtful presents can take quite a long time after your Bengali wedding day. Very often couples keep postponing this task for later, but it is important to realize that the gifts presented to you were selected after a lot of deliberation, chosen especially for you to start your new life with. A Thank You note is a way of showing your appreciation to the person who has sent you the gift. You could consider putting a lot of though into Thank You notes. These notes would need to reflect your true feeling as well as the warmth and gratitude you feel toward the gift-giver who was an integral part of your Bengali reception.

You could get yourself organized before starting off, having your guest list would be handy and you could work you way down the list, ticking off names on completion. You could infuse some creativity into writing the notes like using the same paper that was used for your Bengali wedding invitations or even try writing in different fonts. You could set a target for yourself to complete a certain number of Thank You notes before the end of the day. You could also ensure that while thanking your guest for their thoughtful wedding gift; also inform them about how or when you plan to use the gift. If you have received monetary gift, you could consider telling the sender how you plan on using the money.

Once your wedding in Bangladesh is over, there are a few tasks that you as a couple would need to tackle together. Thank You notes can be quite time consuming to write but in the end, you would need to remember that someone has put in a lot of time in selecting a gift that they thought was perfect for you. You could express your gratitude towards them through a well written and sincere Thank You note. A warm Thank You note from you, the bridal couple, could be the icing on the cake for the guests who have attended your grand Bengali wedding. It is important that the Thank You note that you write is heartfelt and expresses your feelings and gratitude well. In a single sentence, you may also highlight how the gift has made your life more wonderful. If you are running short of ideas, do check for these notes online. You would come across many beautiful Thank You notes that can help you communicate your feelings quite well.

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