Tips on choosing wedding reception venue-Indoors or Outdoors

Bengali wedding receptions are a grand occasion that everyone in attendance enjoys to the fullest. There are a plethora of options to choose from with regard to reception venues. Many couples have difficulty in choosing between indoor or outdoor venues for their Bengali receptions. Both choices have their advantages as well as disadvantages, the important thing is to decide which venue would be most suitable for the number of guests you are expecting and the weather at the given time of the year.

Outdoor wedding reception venues are great for those bridal couples who want to incorporate the natural beauty of the outdoors into their Bengali wedding day. Outdoor venues do not usually need too much in terms of decorations as the natural surroundings by themselves provide a beautiful backdrop for a Bengali reception. However, several factors need to be taken into consideration in the case of outdoor reception venues, the most important being the weather. Rain and heavy winds can cause major problems at an outdoor wedding, so you would want to check the weather for that time of the year before booking an outdoor venue. Additional arrangements like tents incase of bad weather, provisions for lighting and generators, weather appropriate seating arrangements and carpeting to provide for easy movements within the venue need to be discussed well in advance in order for the reception to proceed without any problems.

Indoor reception venues are suitable for those bridal couples that do not want to risk being at the mercy of the elements on the day of their Bengali reception. Indoor reception venues are great for big crowds as well as smaller gatherings of close friends and family. As the weather does not play a vital role with an indoor reception venue, bridal couples need not worry about themes, seating arrangements or even lighting. With indoor reception venues, ensuring that there is sufficient cross ventilation is important especially if candles and fireplaces are going to be utilized. Indoor venues for Bengali receptions also have the added advantage of being sound proof to a certain extent. Bridal couples need not worry about the loud music and sounds of enjoyment disturbing anyone in the areas surrounding the reception venue.

Both indoor and outdoor reception venues have their selling points.  Couples planning their grand Bengali wedding receptions need to decide which venue would be most suitable to their needs with regards to budget, expenses for additional arrangements and most importantly which venue has the capacity to hold the expected number of guests. Whether you chose to have your wedding indoors or outdoors, ensure that the guests attending your grand Bengali wedding will be comfortable and will take with them pleasant memories of your wedding day. There are multitude of ideas that you can get from Internet and some very popular wedding websites related to indoor or outdoor wedding arrangements. This would allow you to add more personal touch to your wedding venue and let these memories stay in your hear and album for years to come.

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