Special Wedding day surprises for your spouse

Bengali weddings are grand events, full of tradition and rituals. Many bridal couples are often too preoccupied with wedding preparations to pay attention to each other. However, imagine the look on your spouses face when they see that you have paid special attention to their needs and gone out of your way to arrange a special surprise for them.  That one look of surprise will be well worth all the effort and planning that has gone into making your wedding in Bangladesh a grand success.

A popular way of surprising a bride is presenting her with a much coveted piece of jewelry on the day of your Bengali wedding. The jewelry could be delivered to your bride by one of her bridesmaids and even though you will not be able to see her delighted expression yourself, rest assured, you can never go wrong with jewelry. For the groom, planning a special male centered area at the reception venue is a great idea.  Very often, grooms complain that Bengali weddings are an all girl affair where they have virtually no say in any decision that is made. By giving your groom a bar area or an area cordoned off for arcade games where he can relax surrounded by his male friends, will make him even happier as he will realize the time and effort you spent in making him feel special.

You could also surprise your spouse with your vocal chords at your Bengali wedding reception. You could consider practicing his/her favorite love song and sing it to him/her at the reception when it is least expected. Suffice it to say that this surprise will require some amount of practice and planning with another member of your bridal party. But in the end, it will be a treat for not only your spouse but also for the guests at your Bengali wedding. You could also pay attention to your spouse on the days leading up to the wedding and surprise them with something they thought would not be feasible for the wedding. They may cut out a certain aspect from the wedding to accommodate a budget like entering the reception venue in a horse drawn carriage or a spectacular firework display as a grand finale to the evening. By paying close attention to details, you could make your wedding day even more memorable for your spouse.

A Bengali wedding is special by itself, but by making a little extra effort and paying attention to your spouse on the days leading up to the wedding, you will be able to surprise him/her and make the day of your Bengali wedding even more special and meaningful. You can look for more creative ideas online or talk to your friends about it. There are multitudes of ways to shower love, affection and care on your beloved, all you need is a little thinking and effective planning and you could turn your wedding day into the most special moment of your life that would remain in the memories of your spouse as well as the attendees.

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