How to find a wedding band

The celebration of a grand Bengali wedding is incomplete without fun and lively music. A wedding band has the ability to infuse energy and enthusiasm into any wedding celebration. The days of listening to a single repetitive tune during a wedding in Bangladesh are long gone. These days, wedding bands not only play traditional, somber music, but have also added lively Punjabi music, rustic folk songs along with Bollywood hits and western instrumental music to their repertoire. The skilled musicians of a wedding band set the beat for a fun and enjoyable Bengali marriage.

A wedding band has the ability to make your wedding celebration stand out from the rest. Ensure you pick a wedding band that will set the right mood and tempo for your Bengali wedding. These days, looking for a wedding band to entertain your wedding guests has been simplified thanks to the internet. You could also seek help from friends and family members who have availed of the services of a wedding band in the past. Once you have gathered information about a few wedding bands that you would be interested in, approach them and find out the type of music they would be willing to perform. Some bands only play traditional Indian music. You could find out which wedding band is willing and able to play a vast variety of music from the traditional to playful dance numbers which your guests are sure to enjoy.

Wedding music and rituals during the ceremony differ from state to state and region to region. There are certain times during the Bengali wedding ceremony where the music has to be subtle, while other times such as during the ‘baraat’ where the music has to be lively and energetic. Ensure that the band you select knows how and when to play the appropriate type of music. You could make the wedding band aware that certain songs are to be played at specific times. You can inform them that you would prefer to have a certain Bollywood number to be played before you and your spouse enter the reception hall. During the ‘Bidaai’ ceremony (giving away of the bride), the wedding band could be requested to play softer music as this is the stage where the bride is about to leave her parents house.

The wedding band is inevitably going to set the tone for the celebration of a lifetime at your well planned wedding in Bangladesh. Ensure that you make the right selection of the wedding band as they will be the ones to entertain you and your guests. It would be a good idea to have a brief interaction with the band, so that you are not in for surprises later. The proper selection of a wedding band is important as it creates the environment of enjoyment and celebration, so you must ensure that the wedding band that you select is energetic and vibrant and helps you convert your day of joy to a memorable one. Give your guests the unique chance to enjoy the seldom appreciated live wedding band perform and dance the night away.

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