Gift ideas for Bridesmaids

It may seem quite intimidating to plan for your elaborate Bengali wedding. However, with your trusty bridesmaids by your side, you will not encounter any problems on your special Wedding in Bangladesh. Your bridesmaids will be the ones who watch you try on several wedding outfits till you find the perfect one, deal with caterers, make suggestions for the décor and theme and even plan your bachelorette party as a send off to your single days. The close friends or family members you have chosen to be your bridesmaids deserve a special treat as a ‘Thank you’ for all their help.

As a token of your appreciation for helping with planning the Bengali wedding of your dreams, give your bridesmaids something useful and something that they would never consider buying for themselves. You can set a budget first and then make a list of things that individual bridesmaids would appreciate. Personalized items always illustrate to the person receiving the gift of how much thought went into buying the something for them. If you like the idea of handmade gifts and are nifty with needles, consider crocheting or knitting your bridesmaids a shrug or a shawl in their favorite color. You can get to know your bridesmaids likes, dislikes and what sorts of activities interest them. If your bridesmaids are athletic, consider tickets to a cricket match, work out gear or you could sign them up for a trekking expedition. For the bridesmaids who have an artistic edge, you could consider tickets to the theatre or painting supplies. For the eternal shopper, gift certificates would be the best option. They can then pick out items that they need themselves.

Several other options could be considered for your bridesmaids who stood by you while you planned your beautiful Bengali Marriage. Silver jewelry like earrings, a beautiful necklace or a bracelet could be given to compliment their outfits on the day of your Bengali wedding. Personalized bags with your bridesmaid’s names embroidered or photographs on the bags are another way of customizing gifts. Personalized stationery, monogrammed bath towels, designer make up bags or even gift certificates to a luxury spa would make the perfect gift for your bridesmaids. If you share a special bond with your bridesmaids, consider putting together a scrapbook detailing your friendship and how much it means to you that she stood by you to help plan your Bengali marriage, the most important day of your life.

Bridesmaids are ultimately the ones who will keep you on track while planning for your Bengali marriage and will help with all the decisions that need to be made to make your Bengali wedding a dream come true. You should also ensure that the day is special not for you as well as for her. If you are running short of time, you can always check best online deals and buy her a present that fits in your budget. Show them how much you appreciate all that they do for you by putting considerable thought into a gift that will make them feel cherished.

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