Five ways to make your wedding fun

A Wedding is always a joyous celebration that signifies the union of two individuals and their families. When planning for your elaborate Bengali Wedding reception, give your guests a night to remember by making your reception fun and interactive.

Your Bengali wedding reception will be the one time that all the members of your family as well as your spouses’ family will be together at the same time. You could make it easier for them to interact with each other during your Bengali wedding reception. Invite members of each others families to come up to the stage and regale you with stories of how you spend your childhood and hilarious incidents that occurred. In this way, all your guests will learn more about you and your spouse as well as learn more about the guest and their relation with you.

You could consider enlarging a portrait of yourself and your spouse or even a funny caricature of yourselves. The guests at your Bengali wedding reception could sign on this portrait as an alternative to the more common guest signing book. It is a unique idea and will also allow your guests to interact with each other as they come up to leave their mark on this unique piece of memorabilia.

You could put on a fireworks show for your guests at your Bengali marriage reception, including passing out sparklers to your guests. Another unique idea is to have the couples among your guests to release sky lanterns printed with quotes about love and marriage. They will not only be helping you celebrate your union but will also reaffirm their vows to each other. This innovative idea will light up your reception along with blazing up the night sky, creating a picturesque effect.

To make your Bengali wedding reception more fun for your guests, you could hire a live band and encourage guests to dedicate and sing songs for you themselves. You could also request the band to play songs that would require all your guests participate in synchronized group dances. This is a sure way to liven up your reception.

A scavenger hunt is another fun idea for your Bengali wedding reception. You could hide certain items throughout your reception venue and have the master of ceremonies call out the items to be found. It would be hilarious to see your guests in all their finery scrambling to look for hidden items.

You could make your wedding reception stand out from the rest. Your guests will appreciate and always remember the effort you took in making them feel at ease. Your Bengali marriage is not only a celebration of your union with your spouse; it is the coming together of two families. You could help break the ice by using innovative ideas to help your guests interact on a personal level.

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