Guide to choose wedding reception venue

Your wedding day is going to be one the most important days of your life. When planning for your elaborate Bengali wedding, ensure that you have taken into consideration every minute detail well in advance in order to avoid last minute problems. The venue for your Bengali wedding reception has a lot of significance in setting the mood for the evening.

You could take into consideration the theme for your reception. For a formal theme for your Bengali marriage reception, you could consider selecting a grand ballroom or a location with a lot of history and imposing architecture. For a casual theme, a beach front restaurant or an open garden space would be perfect. You could let nature be the backdrop for your aesthetic wedding in Bangladesh. You could personalize the décor by adding sea shells as table pieces for beach themed wedding or add decorative flowers for a garden wedding.

Certain things need to be considered when selecting the perfect reception venue. If you are planning a Bengali marriage ceremony in a location that is different from reception venue, the distance between the two places would be critical as ferrying your guests between great distances would be quite a demanding task. You could ensure that the venue for your reception has the capacity to accommodate the number of guests you will be expecting. Not having enough seating for your guests would be a very embarrassing predicament. You could ask the vendors about the facilities available such as decor, chairs tables, lighting and even the proximity of washrooms to the venue. The needs of your guest are important and in order to avoid causing inconvenience to anyone.

The cost of the venue is a very important factor to be taken into consideration. You could set a budget for yourself, considering how much you would be willing to spend on the venue for your Bengali wedding reception. If you have fallen in love with a venue, but it is a little out of your price range, ask the vendors if they offer any off season discounts or if they have package deals that would reduce the expense. You could also take into consideration how much would need to be spent on the décor. If you have a certain theme in mind, explore different options with the vendors and how you could achieve your dream theme for your Bengali wedding reception. You could select a venue that would suit your theme, not the other way around. If you have a garden theme but have booked a ballroom for the occasion, it would be peculiar.

The wedding reception venue for your Bengali wedding will be the highlight of your evening if done perfectly. All the months of planning will eventually bear fruit and you will be able to enjoy yourself in the company of your better half as well as your guests. So, do adequate research and spend a considerable amount of time to choose the right reception venue.



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