Top Honeymoon Destinations for Newly Married Bangladeshi Couples

The Bangladeshi marriage practices have undergone a big transformation in the last decade. Though the core rituals have remained society and religion centric as they were, new trends have crept into. The two new yet most popular trends I have noticed are honeymoons and growth of Bangladeshi matrimonial services. The youth are increasingly resorting to online matchmaking thanks to their assertion of freedom. The parents are also finding online matchmaking convenient and dependable. The second visible trend is the craze for honeymoon Bangladesh. In urban areas of the country, honeymoon has become an extended part of both Hindu and Bangladeshi marriage ceremonies. You will find large number of Bangladeshi honeymoon couples in beach resorts, hill stations, and city centers.

The following are suggested destinations favored by Bangladeshi honeymoon planners.

Bangladeshi Honeymoon Beach Resorts

Cox Bazar is the perfect place for Bangladeshi couples honeymoon planning and looking for beach resorts. Its 120-km sandy beach dotted with numerous resorts is perfect place to romance each other during your honeymoon in Bangladesh. Many big fat Bangladeshi weddings are also taking part there and the entire family enjoys the sun, sand, and sea. You can visit to Inani beach, Maheskhali and Sonadia islands, Ramu Buddhist village, and Teknaf wildlife park. Chittagong is another good option for those who look for both beach and urban panorama. You can visit Patenga beach, St Martin Island, shrines, museums, historical palaces, parks, and numerous shopping centers.

Bangladeshi Honeymoon Hill Resorts

If you are looking for cool hill resorts for honeymoon in Bangladesh, Chittagong Hill Tracts are the perfect place. Rangamati is the most famous hill station in the country. Dotted with numerous resorts, the place is known for its lush green forest, scenic mountains, colorful tribes and peaceful ambience. Khagrachhari, 112 km from Chittagong, is another emerging Bangladeshi honeymoon hill resort. Greenery and roaring waterfalls there attract everyone. Many people planning honeymoon in Bangladesh also consider Bandarban. Located with two-hour drive from port city Chittagong, the unspoilt little township is considered by many Bangladeshi couples honeymoon planning and looking for memorable trip. Bamboo cottage resorts, colorful ethnic life, and charming valley make it a good choice to spend private moments after a gala Bangladeshi marriage.

Bangladeshi Honeymoon Abroad

Foreign countries are also increasingly becoming part of Bangladeshi honeymoon planning. Religious and tourist places in India are hot favorite of many Bangladeshis thanks to easy transportation and low cost packages. Kolkata, the epicenter of Bengali culture, has historical places, river cruises, and several tourist sites. Darjeeling and Kalimpong hill stations are also great places to romance your soul mate post a lavish Bangladeshi wedding. Thailand and Singapore are also favored by the rich Bangladeshi couple honeymoon planning and looking for the best. Phuket and Pattaya in Thailand are visited by thousands of Bangladeshi honeymoon couples every year.

You can get several suggestions on Bangladeshi matrimonial forums on important honeymoon destinations. Romantic destinations, beach resorts, lush green forests, historical places, many other such options are there to suit your budget.

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