A Right Wedding Theme Can Create Perfect Ambience

Today, couples want their marriage to be a memorable event for not only themselves but also for the guests attending their marriage ceremony. Brides and groom pay a lot of attention to their wedding preparations and plan several days. They decide on unique and creative wedding themes to make their marriage distinctive and an unforgettable affair. Be it an Indian marriage, a European wedding, a Muslim marriage or even a Hindu marriage. Even the recent Bangladeshi wedding ceremony that I attended of my dear friend- Sushmita Mondal showed that the trend of having a unique wedding theme has gained immense prominence in Asian weddings.

Sushmita’s was an arranged marriage with a guy whom she found through one of the popular Bangladeshi marriage websites. She wanted to opt for a concept that is a good mix of modern as well as traditional elements. The first priority for her was to make sure that all wedding related preparations are done perfectly and well in advance so that the wedding goes smoothly without any hiccups. While overlooking different arrangements, Sushmita also devoted a considerable time and put in great amount of thought to come up with a wedding theme that will remain etched in the memories of her partner, family members and other invitees long after the D-day gets over.

The first step that she took for selecting the right wedding theme was to approach a wedding consultant who can advice on the latest trends and concepts that can dazzle up the event and make her marriage a huge success. She chose the most popular consultant after browsing some of the famous Bangladeshi matrimonial websites that have names enlisted of planners, organizers and wedding advisors. Sites on Bangladeshi matrimonial also have handy tips on different and creative wedding styles for couples who want to accentuate the fun and beauty of their marriage ceremony by going in for innovative concepts.


The expert consultant gave out several wedding theme ideas such as rose wedding, outdoor wedding, beach wedding, Victorian-style wedding and vineyard theme wedding. Hollywood-style wedding theme, medieval wedding, colored wedding theme and Cinderella wedding theme are some of the most popular choices made by brides in Bangladesh. Given the importance of marriage in Bangladeshi society, Sushmita wanted to be extra careful when reviewing the different existing wedding themes shown to her by professional wedding planners so that she could choose the most apt one for her marriage. Finally she settled for the royal wedding theme as she though it went well with her personality and style.

All the arrangements such as decorations, flower bouquet choice, gifts, invitation card, bridal dress and food were selected to be perfectly in sync with the wedding style chosen by her. The perfect wedding theme helped to create an elegant ambience and made her feel like a beautiful princess when walking down the aisle. I have preserved those pictures in my special album and one day would love to host a similar one for my elder sister.

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