Successful Bangladeshi Online Matchmaking Abroad: What To Look For

Bangladeshi matrimonial portals offering online matchmaking services have been equally popular among the native residents and immigrants looking for prospective brides and grooms. Bangladeshi nationals of every religion and region find the services most convenient, easy, and reliable. These websites provide an interface for people separated by geographical barriers to find and select ideal life partners and celebrate the occasion with a perfect Bangladeshi marriage within the community.

Once during a visit to Singapore to attend a seminar, I came across a Bangladeshi couple, Heena and Shovit. Shovit was settled in Australia while Heena was from Dhaka. They had a perfect arranged Bangladeshi marriage in a Cox Bazar resort. I was surprised to know that they met each other only two days before the marriage during the turmeric ceremony. Sounds interesting! Shovit’s grandfather left Sylhet in the 1950’s to settle in Perth. His parents always had a dream of having a great Bangladeshi matchmaking for Shovit. The scanned through hundreds of Bangladeshi matrimonial profiles online before zeroing on Heena, a qualified beautician. They had chats and video conferencing with Heena’s parents online to finalize the match. Both Shovit and Heena saw and talked to each other online before meeting just two days before their extravagant Bangladeshi wedding ceremony.

The following are some practical suggestions for immigrants and natives to keep note of while looking for successful Bangladeshi online matchmaking.

Look for Compatible Social Values

The online Bangladeshi matrimonial profiles must confirm the social norms and customs. There is a marked difference between the social values of immigrants and native residents. There is a difference in family and professional perspectives between those staying in Bangladesh and immigrants living in more liberal Western societies. Respecting these values and traditions are essential for a successful matchmaking. Native parents are conservative compared to immigrants and expect prospective bride and grooms to be prefect on social parameters.

Ability To Adopt New Life Style

Adaptability is a big factor in successful Bangladeshi matchmaking. Life in London or Sydney is quite different from life in Dhaka or Chittagong. Both brides and grooms should be progressive enough to respect each other’s life style and professional aspirations. Their profiles on Bangladeshi matrimonial portals must reflect this. Parents always look for social and economic lifestyle of prospective candidates as an essential factor to decide compatibility for marriage.

Suitable Online Matrimonial Profile

Whether it is Hindu or Muslim marriage, profiles play a crucial role in Bangladeshi online matchmaking. A sound and attractive profile has a good chance to catch attention and get good response. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have a complete and effective profile on Bangladeshi matrimonial portals. Include all required information, such as place of residence, place of origin, date of birth, education, professional qualification, employment, and family details. Do not forget to put your likes and dislikes and required qualities in your prospective life partner. While making communication with someone, try to be formal, polite, and polished with sufficient respect for social values.

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