Getting Perfect Wedding Ring For Your Wedding

Wedding is the most important occasion for both the bride and the groom and their respective families. There are thousands of preparations that have to be made for the big day to make it a grand event. Everything from wedding decorations, food, photography and dress has to be looked after days in advance. Another very vital aspect is choosing the right wedding ring. A lot of importance is attached to the ceremony of exchanging wedding rings in most wedding ceremonies, be it a Hindu marriage, European wedding, Muslim marriage, Bangladeshi marriage or an Indian marriage. Wedding rings symbolize the everlasting bond that ties together both the bride and groom and it stands for trust, love and understanding.

Even in Bangladeshi weddings, brides and grooms devote a lot of effort and time in choosing the finest wedding ring given the importance it holds in their lives. A recently held Bangladesh marriage of my friend – Noor Alam was an example of how much thought goes into selection of the right wedding rings. Noor’s marriage was fixed to a guy whom she found through a popular Bangladeshi matrimonial site. Being an arranged marriage, she wanted to get an idea of the choice of her groom before she buys a ring for him. Thus, both Noor and her groom decided to go for ring shopping together.

Noor and her groom – Bakhtiyar browsed through different jewelry stores to find the perfect wedding ring sets. Noor wanted a blend of both modern and traditional designs on the rings and she was ready to give a lot of time for hunting the perfect ring that look best on her and the groom. Some of the shops had an exquisite collection of wedding rings, while some old jewelry stores had classic ring sets that were preferred by boy and the girl in royal Bangladeshi weddings.

Different jewelry stores showed different types of designs and unique pattern of wedding rings, making it a little difficult for Noor and Bakhtiyar to pick only the best from the wide collection of extraordinarily beautiful wedding rings. Designer and branded jewelry shops whose advertisements were carried out in Bangladeshi marriage site were also checked out by them. They were confused as to which ring set would look perfect on their hands as most designs shown by jewelry shops were classy and elegant. Rings in diamond, titanium, platinum and gold were shown in different shops.

There was also confusion in Noor and Bakhtiyar’s mind about the metal and color they should pick when choosing their wedding rings. Finally after much though, both of them picked up a sophisticated and elegant diamond ring set with exquisite designs. The price of the ring also fitted well within their budget.

Like Noor and Bakhtiyar, other Bangladeshi brides and grooms are also taking a lot of care in selecting their wedding rings to show how much they care for each other and also to put a deep impression on the minds of guests when they become a part of the ring exchange ceremony celebrations.

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