Steps before contacting another matrimonial candidate

At SensibleMatch, the following step must take place before you can contact another person

Private Profile Access Request (PPAR) must be approved

Either you or the other party must send a Private Profile Access Request and that request must be approved by the receiving party. After this request is approved, both parties are allowed to:

  1. View the Private Profiles of both candidates involved. For example, some candidates may decide to hide their photos from public and keep the photo only in the Private Profile. Only after the PPAR is approved, the photo will be visible to the other party.
  2. Send mails using the SensibleMatch mailbox. 

Note: We do not give out phone numbers or email addresses of one customer to another customer. We expect that our customers will share their contact information via our MaillBox when they feel comfortable.

Related FAQ

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers:

Question: I have sent a Private Profile Access Request, but it is still waiting for approval. What can I do to expedite it?

Answer: When you send a request to another user, we send an email reminder to that person to come to our site and approve it. Sometimes, because of busy schedule or other commitments, someone may forget to look at your request for a while. If more than 7 days have passed since you sent the request, you may send a mail to our customer support so that we may call the user to remind him/her of your request. You can send a mail to us by using your SensibleMatch MailBox and sending a mail to ‘support’.

Also check related information in Expressing an Interest .

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