Selecting Venue for Bangladeshi Marriage Ceremony

Contemporary Bangladeshi marriage ceremonies have become more grandiose in the recent years. The extravaganza has become enormous and new trends has crept into make the celebration to seek wider participation, more complex ceremonies, better decoration, and greater entertainment. I have been witness to several big fat Bangladeshi marriage ceremonies held in five star hotels or huge palaces and filled with spectacular show of pomp and splendor.

Marriage Venues for Bangladeshi Weddings

Traditionally, bride’s house hosts the marriage, and the reception is held at the home of the groom.  Even today, as I have witnessed, several pre and post marriage rituals are held in the traditional homes of brides and grooms. However, people opt for neutral marriage venues for the marriage ceremony and related extravaganza, such the musical program and the feast. While engagements and receptions have become common to take place in big hotels, many parents also feel it better to have the pre-nuptial ceremonies, such as the turmeric ceremony, in neutral places complete with all conveniences. You can found a number of banquet halls, kalyan mandops, community centers, and marriage halls in all major towns offering themselves as Bangladeshi marriage venues, as more and more wedding ceremonies are being held outside the ancestral homes.

Anyone planning to have lavish a marriage in Bangladesh, can go for five-star hotels and resorts in Dhaka, Chittagong, Cox Bazar, and Sylhet. The seafront resorts in Cox Bazar are a hot favorite and play host to several non-resident Bangladeshi marriage ceremonies. The social importance of marriage in Bangladesh propels many parents to shower money on the preparation of weddings of their children.

Just a silver lining from my memoirs. Few months back, I attended my friend Sazia’s marriage in Dhaka. Her was an arranged marriage with a Bangladeshi business family staying in Australia. Her father is a big name in the country’s textile industry. He had booked the entire Radisson Water Garden Hotel, close to the airport for three days. All ceremonies were held in the lawn of this sprawling five-star hotel. The seven acre area of the hotel, including its manicured grounds, gardens, and water features was completely decorated with light. While the food is served by its three restaurants, the guests from both sides stay in its opulent rooms.

Those looking for cheaper venues have the option of purpose-made banquet halls, special marriage halls maintained by both the local governments and private parties, and hotel lawns.

Tips To Choose Perfect Bangladeshi Marriage Venue

While Hindu marriages in Bangladesh are increasingly held in neutral venues, there is growing trend among the Muslims to have their marriages in resorts and banquet halls.  To ensure that your choicest venue does not create any hassle, you need to take care of few suggestions. Ensure that the venue has the required permit from the local government for hosting marriage functions. Enquiry about the detailed facilities, including catering services, provided by the venue owner. Power problem is a raging issue and make sure that your venue have adequate alternative arrangement. Many of the venue providers also double up as decorators and caterers. It provides convenience and cheaper option. But check well with them regarding the decoration and menu of the feast you want. Always book the venue in advance to get the best and avoid the last minute hassles, particularly during the marriage season.

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