Express Your Sentiments with Wedding Vows

Wedding vows are something which is least thought of while making preparations for any wedding. The marrying couples get so busy with the elaborate traditions, ceremonies, wedding rituals and celebrations that they get very less time to think about or even pen down their own vows which they would exchange on their special day. Whether it is an Indian marriage, Hindu marriage, Christian wedding or even a Muslim marriage, wedding vows are the most integral part of any wedding day. This holds true even for a Bangladeshi marriage. Mentioning about wedding vows, I remember the wedding ceremony of one of my Bangladeshi friends – Jawed Habib. He made a special effort to write down his own vows that meant something to him as well as his bride.

Although in most Bangladeshi weddings, couples opting for an arranged marriage or even love marriage settle for traditional vows, Jawed wanted to do something different for his wedding. He wanted to add his own personal touch and thus chose to work on his own wedding vows to pledge his life long commitment towards his partner-Haseena Akmal whom he found through one of the popular Bangladeshi marriage websites.

By speaking out the self-written wedding vows, Jawed wanted to make the moment of saying the vows special for himself as well as for his life partner. And Jawed, indeed, managed to surprise Haseena and make her feel special by speaking out those wedding vows. Tears started flowing down the cheeks of Haseena as she heard Jawed show his profound love for her through those vows. The words used truly expressed what they feel for each other and conveyed their deep love for each other on the most special day of their lifetime. The vows they exchanged with each other also highlighted the importance of marriage in both their lives.

For Haseena, the marriage vows as read by Habib showed the strong desire to not only build a fulfilling relationship together but also his commitment to do everything to make the marriage be very successful even when they face adverse situations. When writing the wedding vows, Habib chose words that came out straight from his heart and made sure that he understood the meaning of all the words he said on his marriage day. The wedding vows that Habib exchanged with Haseena carried deep sentiments for his partner and evoked an emotional response in many of the close friends and family members present in the wedding ceremony. The moment of exchanging wedding vows ultimately stood as one of the most memorable and beautiful moments of the wedding for both the bride and the groom.


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