Growing Demand for Bangladeshi Wedding Planners

When I attended the wedding of my friend Megha last December, I was surprised to see the grandeur, the long list of gourmet food items on the menu, the meticulous planning, and the efficient arrangement. Guests were pampered in every possible manner, the minute needs were attended with care, the decoration was beautiful, and glitches were nowhere. Her big fat Bangladeshi wedding, perhaps, is one of the most cherished moments in my life. The secret of the arrangements lied with one of the best wedding planners in Chittagong.

It is a bit surprising to see that in a conservative society, such as Bangladesh, the demand for wedding planners has gone up. Families are no more concerned about handling every minute detail of marriage ceremonies, as the task of arranging a modern wedding in Bangladesh has increased manifold. People are willing to hire specialists who provide advice and look after everything, right from the food to arranging ceremonies timely. I personally feel it a good practice, as your wedding will remain hassle-free and you and your relatives can enjoy the event.

I visualize the spurt in demand for Bangladeshi wedding planners from both economic and contemporary trends. People are now in a better position than before to doll out large sums of money for weddings. Rising income levels, growing number of professionals and businessman in the country, and penchant to showcase the wedding as an extravaganza prop up many to hire specialists wedding planners in Bangladesh. They just want to enjoy, with hired people looking after all the arrangements.

What’s more, you would find a blend of contemporary trend with traditional Bangladeshi wedding trend, which is also the job of specialists. The preference for contemporary bridal dresses, particularly non-Bangladeshi ones, requires quality designers. Once I saw a 100-member team from a professional orchestra playing love ballads at a reception. It is difficult to select the best in the shortest possible time though. However, wedding planners help arrange the best both in terms of quality and cost.

A Bangladeshi wedding involves many events. All the detailed planning demands greater attention and devotion. People now prefer innovative themes, flawless preparation, exotic wedding destinations, reliable of designers, vendors and workers, and suitable guidance on a regular basis. Everyone wants their wedding to be special, devoid of dull moments.

Again, the food in Bangladeshi events is also evolving. There is need for good chefs who can handle the lavish international menu.  The menu now includes the best of both the national and international culinary. I am amazed to see preference for Japanese, Indian, Chinese, French, Thai, Italian, Lebanese, and Spanish items in most of the Bangladeshi weddings. Cooks are also hired from their native countries and five-star hotels. Is it possible to go for this huge variety without proper guidance and experience? The Bangladeshi wedding planners help make a flawless arrangement of this assorted extravaganza.

I have been witness to incidents of clash of choices in families on the wedding card, decoration, entertainment, and other fields. Keeping this in mind, Bangladeshi wedding planners have come up with innovative designs that blend traditional values with contemporary style. I have seen hand-painted cards having dry fruits, betel nuts, and sweets inside along with the invitation. With marriage being such a huge affair, we tend to forget something or the other always. Therefore, we can bank on wedding planners and forget all our worries about wedding planning.

If you are contemplating to invite celebrities, you may not find a chance to meet them. However, wedding planners can use their known channels to have celebrities or big names of the entertainment industry adorn your marriage ceremony.

Bangladeshi wedding planners provide detailed planning and assistance for pre- and post-nuptial ceremonies. They offer more options and hassle-free supply of logistics. Their innovative ideas can create wonder for limited-budget wedding.

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