Bangladeshi Wedding Accessories

The day you have been waiting for with hope in your heart and expectation in your eyes will be here soon.

You wish to look your very best on this special day of your life, like every other bride across the universe.

You will of course be the cynosure of all eyes at the wedding, and you want everything to be picture perfect and flawless, right from your hair to your bridal finery, and most important of all, you want your accessories to stand out.

Let me offer some tips for you to make that special day even more special, and a day to remember forever!

  • Whether you have chosen to wear a lehenga or a sari, you would need to make sure that the jewelry you have chosen will go well and harmonize with the colors of your clothes. For instance, if you have chosen to wear a sari with gold zari embroidery, you would look great in gold jewelry with perhaps a few glittering diamonds thrown give you that extra glow. If you wore silver accessories, it may not go well with the gold zari work on your sari, and you may not look your best.
  • You could try choosing precious stones according to the color of your sari or lehenga. For instance, accessories created with rubies would go perfectly with your bridal red, blue sapphires would complement your blue lehenga.
  • Do not ignore your shoes! Make sure they match the overall design of your outfit and serve to synchronize the entire ensemble. Most Bangladeshi brides prefer to wear gold colored shoes because they suit the rest of what the bride is wearing; silver colored shoes would suit you as well.
  • A Bangladeshi Hindu bride wears beautifully created exotic ‘bindis’ placed in the middle of her forehead. Today, bindis are available in a large variety of designs and patterns, and if you are prepared to pay the price, you may choose the bindis adorned with expensive crystals or semi-precious stones. These glitter on the forehead and add glamour to the occasion!
  • Your hair will probably be covered with the veil, but do not overlook dressing it up with flowers or small stones placed cleverly here and there. It will make a huge difference to the final look!

For the Bangladeshi groom too, accessories are very important, if at least so that the bride does not outshine him at every juncture!

A Bangladeshi groom wears a turban or ‘pagri’ to cover his hair. The turban can be chosen with special care for the wedding, so that it complements the bride’s dress, and also lends the groom the air of specialness on his wedding day. A pagri can be colorful, or made with gold brocade, to match the outfit he wears. If you are a Bangladeshi groom, let me give you a few tips to look your best on this lovely day!

  • Usually, a Bangladeshi groom wears a little jewelry, like for instance the pearl and bead necklace popularly called ‘kantha’.  This adds glamour and style to the sherwani or achkan or kurta-pyjama you have chosen to wear for your wedding day.
  • Your shoes too will have to be chosen with care; if you are wearing a traditional outfit, you must choose traditional footwear like the all time favorite juttis or mojris embellished with zari work or with sparkling stone work. Of course, if you chosen to wear Western clothes, you must choose formal shoes in sober colors.

Remember; you must accessorize well to achieve that perfectly put together look. After all, your wedding day is for you to shine forth in splendor and glory in the attention you receive!

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