Tips on Pleasing Your Guests With Well-Chosen Wedding Invitations

Wedding is the most auspicious and most celebrated of all occasions in one’s life. Importance of marriage cannot be undermined in any culture, be it a Hindu marriage, Christian wedding, American marriage or a Muslim marriage. Wedding organizers have to make several small preparations well in advance to ensure that guests attending the cermeony never face any problem. The same holds true even for Bangladeshi marriages, where people are required to pay attention to every small detail, including wedding cake, wedding car and wedding invitation. Coming to wedding invitations, a marriage ceremony that particularly comes to my mind is the wedding of my Bangladeshi friend-Shehnaz, who was marrying a guy whom her parents found through one of the famous Bangladeshi matrimonial websites.

Shehnaz spent a lot of time looking for the right wedding invitation as she knew that it is the first thing that guests see in a wedding. Choosing a proper wedding invitation sets the right mood of a marriage ceremony.  She was very particular about choosing a wedding invitation that would go well with the theme of her marriage. As she opted for an arranged marriage, she thought it best to stick to traditional things for her marriage. When choosing the wedding card, Shehnaz also thought it best to choose the card that contains more traditional designs and conventional marriage symbols.

To choose the right conventional designs for her marriage invitation card, Shehnaz went online and browsed through several websites that featured different varieties of wedding invitation cards. Various Bangladeshi card designers have their own personal websites where they display the card collections and designs they use for wedding cards. Some of the Bangladeshi marriage websites also contains names of certain local wedding card sellers and stores. After a thorough search on the Internet, Shehnaz selected a wedding card seller from where she could design her own wedding invitation.  She especially conveyed it to the seller that she would want some of her ideas to be used in the wedding invitation. The seller also agreed to provide a customized wedding card with designs that she wanted.

The bridal party was also wise enough to order printing of the wedding invitation supplies 3 months prior to the wedding date. When placing an order, the wedding party hosts also thought it wise to give an order for 10 extra invitations for last-minute additions to the guest list and keepsakes. When choosing a wedding invitation, Shehnaz also kept in mind the price and quality of the paper material to be used for the cards. Important information regarding the marriage venue, date of marriage, time and other things were given out to the wedding invitation card designer before getting them printed. Shehnaz also made sure that proper words are used in the wedding invitation to make the card more appealing. I still retain her wedding card in my closet and proudly share with those friends, who look for equally impressive wedding invitation cards. In fact, one of my friends borrowed it from me and got the similar wedding invitation card printed last week. 🙂

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