Tips on Perfect Menu for Bangladeshi Marriage Reception

A wedding in Bangladesh is renowned for its extravagance and extremely lavish menus. Bridal couples planning their menus for the Bangladeshi marriage receptions have to keep in mind many aspects as the preferences and likes of the guests are taken into serious consideration. It is ensured that there is plenty of food and drink to keep the guests well fed at all times, right from starters to the main meal to the wide variety of desserts.

Bridal couples planning their marriage in Bangladesh put a lot of thought into the food that will be served at their reception. As appetizers are the first impression, you could consider the more popular choices for both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian options like spring rolls, kababs, tikkis etc. It is important for you to keep the guests comfort in mind, considering bite-sized foods that do not require much cutlery is the most appropriate choice to make. You may also want to consider that fact that not everyone is accustomed to extremely spicy Indian food. Therefore, a few mild options could be taken into account for those who cannot handle the Indian spice. Most Bangladeshi couples are option for buffet-style dinners with a wide variety of tempting dishes to choose from.

To create the perfect menu for your Bengali wedding reception, you may want to have an eclectic mixture of Indian as well as Western dishes. The salad bar setup is gaining popularity thanks to health conscious individuals who do not want to cheat on their diets even at a wedding reception. A wide variety of salads could be set up for the health conscious and even those who need to mind what they eat due to health reasons like diabetics. For the main course, you could consider different varieties of meat and vegetable preparations that are sure to leave your guests salivating. Kadai chicken, lamb curry, fish curry and the ever popular chicken tikka masala are sure to leave your guests wanting more. For vegetarian guests, you could select dishes like kadai paneer, channa masala and other dishes that are sure to keep your guests lining up for the buffet. Chinese dishes are also rapidly gaining popularity on Bangladeshi marriage reception menus. The dessert is the final course which is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Indians are known for their love of sweets and Indian desserts like gulab jamun, rasgulla among others are likely to be as enjoyed as western desserts such as cakes and ice-creams.

When you are planning you menu for your Bengali marriage reception, keep in mind that while you would like to include some of your favorite dishes in the menu, not everyone may share the same taste as you.

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You could consider dishes that are popular so that your guests go away from your Bengali wedding feeling well fed and well taken care of.

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