Some Effective Ways to Manage Wedding Stress

The entire process of planning for a wedding can become quite overwhelming and daunting, more so for the bride and her family in a Bangladeshi marriage. Preparing for every little aspect and making arrangements can be fun in the beginning but they can soon become like a chore more than being enjoyable. The same was the case with a Bangladeshi bride I know of whose arranged marriage was held recently to a guy found through a popular Bangladeshi matrimonial site. Fatima Khan-a Bangladeshi bride started feeling stressful about the preparations as the actual date of her Bangladeshi wedding came closer. However, Fatima did not want the financial and emotional responsibilities attached to her wedding to take a toll on her health. So she thought of a few simple strategies that could keep the wedding stress at bay.

Fatima started out by making a list of priorities and tasks that she needs to handle first. She knew that there are thousands of tasks and responsibilities that she had to finish before the actual wedding day but the only effective way of fulfilling all of them efficiently was to prioritize tasks. Reassessing the priorities and finding out things that are more important showed her that not all tasks needed to be finished at once. Hence, she allocated different time for different tasks. Focusing only on a single task helped Fatima to manage the stress levels and complete arrangements on time.

The best way that Fatima found to reduce wedding stress was to delegate the tasks among her friends and close family members. She knew that there were several things to take care of and it is not possible for her alone to make all the arrangements. Therefore, she sought help from reliable people to share her burden. Responsibility to oversee venue decorations was entrusted with a family friend and catering, music selection and choice of wedding photographer were allocated to Fatima’s uncle and aunts.

Delegation of responsibilities made it easy for Fatima and her parents to take their minds off things related to Bangladeshi matrimonial at least for some time. Taking time off and spending entirely on non-wedding related matters was also an effective way that helped Fatima relax and manage wedding stress levels. Engaging in pampering sessions or total spa solutions while juggling in other wedding arrangements was something that Fatima enjoyed as it let her feel at ease.

Fatima’s way of tackling stress in the run up to her marriage serves as the perfect example for other Bangladeshi brides and grooms as to how they can successfully mange all the duties related to a Bangladeshi marriage without getting worked up. Signs of tiredness and wedding stress can show on the face and spoil the fun of your own wedding.

The least, but not least important way to tackle stress is finding time to exercise regularly. Believe it or not, regular exercise is an effective way to release tension and stress from your body. Rather, you would feel more energetic and confident to handle pressure situations caused during these days.

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