Why a matrimonial profile can not be found?

Sometimes, the following scenarios occur and confuse our customers:

  • We send a profile as a potential match to the customer, but when the customer tries to view the profile, the profile can not be found.
  • The customer receives an email from our system stating that a request the customer sent (Private Profile Access Request or Contact Request) got approved, but the customer can not find the other profile.
  • The customer has been in touch with a particular candidate, but when the customer wants to view the profile of the other candidate, the profile can not be found.

All of the above can happen for the following reasons:

  • The other customer has deactivated his/her profile.
  • The other customer made changes to the profile or uploaded a newer photo (probably to impress you even further!), but it caused his/her profile to disappear temporarily. Our support team needs to approve the modified profile before it becomes visible again. This is the most common reason for all the confusion. We recommend that you check back after 1 day in case that’s what happened.
  • The other customer got married and notified us. We deactivated the profile.

Please note sensiblematch.com is for people who are seriously looking for the right person to get married to. In order to make sure we remain as the most trusted and dependable matrimonial website, we go through a rigorous approval process which has a side effect — inconvenience. We know about this problem but have no choice as confidentiality and dependability are paramount to us. This is even more work for us! We hope you will appreciate all the trouble we go through to ensure the reliability you seek, and give us your support as a valued customer.

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