Marriages Made in Haven; Matches Found Online

For the past few years, there has been a spurt in the number of Bangladeshi matrimonial websites, thanks to the Internet revolution in the country and abroad. I have found that most of my Bangladeshi friends working with or on social networking sites are proud of their online matchmaking. My attention to the increase in online search for Bangladeshi wedding matches was a result of a curious encounter with one of my friends during a workshop. Last November, while attending a writers conference in Bangalore, I met a newly married Bangladeshi lady from Chittagong, who works as a freelance editor. In course of interaction, she told me about her husband looking after hereditary printing business in Kolkata. The word hereditary struck me. I am a bit amazed. She was from an affluent family in that city and her family had business interests in a number of industries in Bangladesh, but she was married to an Indian resident. As a matter of curiosity, I inquired if she had a love marriage. But to my surprise, I found that hers was an arranged marriage. It became more interesting to me when she told that her parents found the match online and many in her country rely on Bangladeshi matrimonial sites for prospective brides and grooms.

Spurt in Bangladeshi Matrimonial Sites
After hearing that online matchmaking is gradually becoming an essential part of Bangladeshi weddings, I set to explore its various facets. In the past five years, hundreds of matrimonial sites devoted to Bangladeshi weddings have to come into being. The most common reason is the digital reach and growing number of netizens. Now more than 30 percent people in Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet, and other major cities are on the positive side of the digital divide and prefer reliable matrimonial sites on the Internet. Similarly, a large number of Bangladeshi migrants in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, and India prefer online matchmaking for a perfect Bangladeshi wedding.

Advantages of Online Matchmaking
I found that online Bangladeshi matchmaking is very popular with the younger generation living in the country and abroad. Some of my friends boast it as passport to freedom to choose their soul mates. I myself feel that online profile is an indication of modern mind-set, tech-savvy attitude, and contemporary lifestyle. Many view it as a romantic Odyssey to find out, talk to, and finally choose their respective soul mate from among several profiles. The dream to get married on a distant land of opportunity is also a big push for popularity of Bangladeshi matrimonial sites. For many parents, online option is better than traveling and approaching one through third-party mediation. Online match searching is also easy to do and less economical. You can find profiles of hundreds of prospective brides and grooms at one place. Many of my friends argue that online profile is more explicit and encourages more objective decision-making, based on one’s likes and dislikes in Bangladeshi families often overburdened by conservative values. For widows and single parents in Bangladesh, online matchmaking is of great help.

Kudos to Online Matchmaking
Bangladeshi matrimonial sites are available in plenty and offer wide choice. I myself see profiles from London, New York, Bristol, and Boston looking for brides and grooms without regard for geographical barriers. Youngsters looking for soul mates prefer to view profiles themselves, chat, and communicate with each other without depending on their parents and relatives, who often impose their choices. Simultaneously, customer focus and dedication of these sites and their innovative ideas on different aspects of marriage also attract many to seek their guidance and consultation.

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