Make a Wedding Checklist to Ensure That Essential Things are Not Missed

Planning a Bangladeshi marriage can be quite a stressful task, what with elaborate preparations needed to be done for several small and big ceremonies that it encompasses. The process of making the perfect arrangements for the wedding can become a highly daunting, especially for those who never had the chance to plan a wedding before. During a Bangladesh marriage of my friend- Zoya Hussain, I noticed how exhilarated and overwhelmed she was for her wedding. To keep her worries away, she made a detailed wedding checklist of things to be done in order to make sure that no detail is missed out in the excitement of the wedding day and all arrangements are made well in advance to ensure that the D-day passes smoothly without any hassle.

Zoya prepared a wedding checklist about two months before the actual date of her arranged marriage to a guy whom she found through the popular Bangladeshi matrimonial site. Some of the wedding preparations like choosing the wedding ring, buying the wedding dress, making floral arrangements, selecting a caterer and booking a complete stylist for doing make-up on the wedding day were already made. However, several small and big preparations were still left to be done. Thus, she made a checklist to make sure that arrangements for all the wedding events to take place are being finished and all the things are taken care before the D-day finally arrives.

When drawing up the wedding checklist, Zoya made sure to include a visit to the priest in the list for chalking out the detailed programme schedule of her wedding ceremony. She wanted to discuss about the flow of events before the actual day so that she and her spouse does not remain clueless about the different rituals and marriage traditions that take place as a part of her wedding celebration. She also browsed an informative Bangladeshi marriage site that contained details about the arrangements that are needed to be done for different ceremonies in a Muslim marriage.

Selecting the wedding photographer and videographer to capture the beautiful moments of her wedding day in camera and film roll was one of the things she wanted to do as days got closer to her big wedding day. Zoya had already selected her bridal dress several months prior to the wedding day but she wanted to go for trial and wedding rehearsal to see that it fits perfectly well on her. For that she reserved a time to go for bridal dress trial and also took the responsibility of helping out the bridesmaids to get their dresses stitched to complement with her bridal outfit’s color and design.

Zoya also went in for beauty therapies and pampering session as months were getting closer to the actual D-day. In her wedding checklist, she included many other vital details about things that could make her Bangladeshi wedding a huge success if done in advance. You can get some very nice wedding dressing and beauty tips online and even ask the wedding experts. At least, I am going to do that for my wedding the way Zoya did. 🙂

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