I am looking to get married. Why is my profile not approved?

Yes, some of our customers call us to ask this question. I will try to outline why a profile may be in a pending status. Hopefully, it will alleviate some frustrations with your matrimonial search!

SensibleMatch is not a dating site. We respect and uphold the traditional conservative mindset predominant in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. We are simply bringing technology to help people find each other. We also help in the “finding” part as we have human matchmakers (ghotoks) at our office who know how people think and what they expect.

In order to maintain our focus to help people who are serious and genuine with their intentions, we go through an approval process before any profile is made available for others to view. We try our best to filter out those profiles which are submitted without proper information or intentions.

If you submitted a profile,  one of our customer support associates will try to reach you over phone. The associate will try to make sure that your submission is genuine and also help you with any questions you may have.

Following are the common reasons why your profile may not get approved:

  • You did not provide a valid phone number when you registered as a user with our system.
  • Our customer support associated failed to contact you over phone and sent an email to you requesting additional information, but they have not heard anything back from you yet.
  • You uploaded a photo which is obviously not yours. This gives us a signal that you are not a very serious candidate for matrimonial sites like ours.
  • Even though you submitted a profile, you did not complete most of the fields on the profile.
  • You live in a country which has a very different time zone than Dhaka. We only get a few hours per day to call such countries without disturbing you at wrong hours. This sometimes adds delays in getting hold of you.
  • We are simply too busy. It really happens! We are sometimes overloaded with too many profile submissions to handle them fast. We don’t take any short-cuts when it comes to verifications by our support team.

If your profile was previously approved by us, but you have just made another change to your profile, it will again go for approval. However, this time, we will not need to call you anymore. So, it should be much faster than the very first time.

We are going through all these approval processes because we want to keep a clean and family friendly site with genuine users.

So, if your profile is not yet approved, don’t worry. Look for emails from our customer support team, and make sure your phone works. Oh, one other thing, be a genuine candidate!

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