Ideas for Wedding table decoration


The day of your Bengali wedding will be the most special day of your life. You could make it equally special for the guests in attendance. By paying close attention to minute details, you could achieve the perfect look and ambience for your guests to enjoy themselves. The reception venue should be particularly comfortable as this is where your guests would be spending most of the evening at your Bengali reception. Table decorations are a great way to beautify your wedding venue as well as add your own special, personalized touch to the reception.

Table decoration at a Bengali reception is important as it will be the focal point of the décor. There are several options to choose from to blend in the table decoration with the theme that you have selected for your reception. If you are planning a beach wedding, shell centered table pieces or exotic flowers arranged in artistic vases would be the most suitable table decorations. If your Bengali wedding day coincides with Valentines Day, you could have heart shaped table decorations or surround your guests with cupid. Additionally, you could also have helium filled hearts strewn about or tied to the backs of chairs, ready to be released by your guests at an indicated moment during your Bengali reception.

Another popular table decoration for wedding is candles that come in various shapes, sizes and colors to match your chosen theme. Candles are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide warm lighting and a comforting environment at your grand Bengali wedding. Candle holders also are made in different varieties and can be customized to suit your needs. Candle holders made from wrought iron, wood, silver and even clay with decorative cut-outs are rapidly gaining popularity as Bengali wedding table decoration. Decorative glassware, floating candles, miniature customized showpieces as well as wicker baskets filled with confetti are great ideas for table centerpieces for a wedding reception. Just remember to add your own special touches and you will be sure to achieve the right look for your reception venue.

For more creative ideas, look around. Bright colors are always liked in weddings. Flowers and bouquet decoration can add more beauty to the celebration. If you need more ideas, check internet. There are many interesting ideas there that can help you make the occasion more special.  In fact, there are many sites wherein you can get free advice on how to make this day more memorable with effective planning and decoration. Get in touch with a wedding planner or a friend with good sense of decoration. You can get plenty of ideas that can enhance the beauty of the occasion.

Wedding table decorations serve a dual purpose at a Bengali reception. Not only are they meant for decorative purposes but can also be given out to guests as wedding favors. Well thought out table decorations can emphasize the special theme chosen for your Bengali reception. Not only that, your guests will be highly appreciative of the meaningful wedding favors that will serve as a reminder of your special day

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