Ideas for unique Bangladeshi wedding favors

While you are busy planning to make your marriage in Bangladesh a huge success, spare a moment and put in some thought into options for your wedding favors. Wedding favors are a great way of showing your appreciation for your guests who have taken the time and made the effort to be an integral part of the most important day of your life. While it is easy to purchase any random, of-the-shelf show piece, you could consider customizing your wedding favors and make them unique.

Wedding favors for a Bangadeshi wedding could be a very personal item to some couples. You need not spend large amounts of money on wedding favors in order to make them special. First, you would need to set a budget for yourself and have an idea about number of guests expected at your wedding. If you want to personalize wedding favors, you could consider scented candles, photo frames, T-shirts with personalized messages for your guests to remember the day by or even personalized mugs. These items could be customized to suit your personal tastes as well as incorporate the special theme chosen for your beautiful Bengali marriage. If you plan on having limited number of guests at your wedding, you could even go the extra mile and bake miniature wedding cakes for your guests to enjoy after your Bangladeshi reception.

If you are someone, who is artistically inclined, you could even consider making your own creative wedding favors to distribute to friends and family at your Bangladeshi wedding reception. If you are someone who is familiar with the art of knitting or crochet, you could whip up a shawl or a purse to match you theme color and impress your guests with your artistic abilities. You could also visit your local craft store and purchase materials to make picture frames or jewelry boxes. Hand-made favors speak volumes about your talent as well as portray the effort that you put into making the wedding favor. Guests at your Bengali wedding will be highly appreciative of the time, effort and talent that went into making a creative and unique wedding favor.

You could find more if you just look around. Take a walk to nearby market or store, negotiate and finalize some of the best items that you could gift to your guests. How about researching some of the most famous Bangladeshi matchmaking or matrimonial websites, where you can easily find of the most fantastic ideas and impressive deals. There is no harm in writing to them and asking for a customized deal for your Bangladeshi marriage.

So whether you choose to purchase your wedding favors or make your own, you could ensure that you put some effort into customizing each piece according to the theme chosen for your wedding in Bangladesh. Personalized wedding favors prove to your guests that you have put some effort into selecting your wedding favors and that you are truly appreciative of their presence at the Bangladeshi marriage of your dreams.

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