How to Top Wedding Trends of the year

A Bangladeshi wedding is one that is always celebrated with plenty of pomp and grandeur. Bridal couples very often find themselves in a dilemma when they are faced with a plethora of choices and are unable to make the right choices for themselves. All they need to do is focus on their individual tastes and make a choice among the latest wedding trends to make their grand marriage in Bangladesh a great hit among their friends and relatives.

This year, you could bring back classic vintage styles and incorporate them into different aspects of your wedding in Bangladesh. Vintage themed décor and classic music from the good old days will have your guests reminiscing about their glory days in no time. Bengali wedding with a retro theme will have an old world appeal that few will forget. Gold accessories are making a bold statement this year. You could dazzle your guests, all decked out in glittering gold. Golden gowns, golden hued shoes and hair accessories will make you the center of attention. Gold provides a classic touch to a bridal ensemble. To personalize your wedding day, you could borrow pieces of clothing or accessories from your mother or female relatives.

Corset style bodices coupled with long flowing skirts are the latest trend this year. This style of garment is suitable for any body type and is quite flattering at the same time. You could consider breaking away from the norm of a sari and make a bold style statement in your customized outfit. Your guests at your Bangladeshi marriage reception will be enamored by your beauty and bold style. With regard to hairstyles, brides this year are choosing to vouch for the natural look. Gone are the days where you would have to sit for hours in a chair with hot rollers in your hair. You could let your simplicity shine at your dream marriage in Bangladesh by having your hair down loose in soft waves or pinned back neatly with an antique hair piece.

There are several trends this year to choose from to make your Bengali marraige an event to remember. However, you would do well to remember that this is your special day and it should fully reflect your spouse and your personal choices. Blindly following the herd will leave your grand Bengali wedding feeling like a forced and tasteless event. You could make choices that suit your style and at the same time ensure that the trends for this year make your wedding day one that you and your guests will remember forever.


If you are running short of ideas for your Bangladeshi marriage, which is just round the corner, login to various Bangladeshi matchmaking websites, which often contain host of information about the best marriage trends of the year for  your Bangladeshi marriage. If you want to enjoy each moment of celebration, you can even opt for the services of a professional matchmaker, who would take care of each minute detail of your marriage and suggest some of the most fascinating wedding trends to make your wedding an unforgettable event.

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