Expressing an Interest in SensibleMatch

Well, you are probably ready to get married and looking for a life partner. You started looking at available profiles in SensibleMatch. You found a profile of someone who seems to be a good match for you.  But now, you are not sure how to proceed! How do you express an interest in that person?

We have designed our site with the hope that our users will be able to use our site easily. We tried to put all the right icons and information in the right places. However, we are not perfect! We are always listening to you, and trying our best to improve your experience at our site.

Despite all our efforts, some of our users may not know what to do at certain times. I will try to explain all the options available to you when you feel interested in a profile. Armed with this information, you will be on your way to find the perfect life partner – the person made for you!

Before you can express an interest in someone, you must be logged in our site. You need to register as a user. Registration is free. However, expressing interest requires that you become a premium member.

When you view a profile of that special someone, you will also see following links on the top right corner of the page:

  • Request Access to Private Profile
  • Write to <first name of other candidate>

Request Access to Private Profile
This is the step to express interest in someone. By sending this request, you are simply stating that you want to view the Private Profile of the person whose public profile you are viewing. The person may have certain piece of information hidden from the public profile and only available in the private profile.  Once you send the Private Profile Access Request, the other party must approve it before anything else can take place.

Let’s be optimistic and assume that the other person also likes your Public Profile and approves your request. After the approval takes effect, both you and the other party will be able to view the Private Profiles of each other. At this time, both of you can also send mails to each other via our mailbox. We don’t automatically give you the phone numbers or email addresses. We expect that you will write mails using the MailBox and share those information when the time is right.

Write to <first name of other candidate>
This option only works if both of you have already agreed to share Private Profiles. It will take you to the Mail Compose page where you can compose a new mail and send to the other side. Sometimes, the title of this option may be different. For example, instead of “Write to <first name of other candidate>”, it may be simply “Send Mail”. (Why? Glad you asked. If the name of the person is private, we don’t print the name until permission to show the name is granted.)

SensibleMatch is a unique matrimonial site that focuses on privacy. I hope my explanation on this blog has helped you in understanding the concepts behind this fantastic matrimonial site.

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