Exotic honeymoon destinations in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a wonderful country that is dotted with numerous romantic destinations. There are beaches, forests, hillocks, river banks and historical sites, where newlywed couples can enjoy their honeymoon vacation. With so much of scenic beauty, there is no death of options for honeymoon couples for celebrating their romantic trips.


One of the most attractive honeymoon destinations in Bangladesh is Chittagong. There is a certain charm about the country’s second largest city. The two scenic beaches along the city, the Fouzdarhat Beach and Patenga Beach are just the perfect honeymoon spots. Newly weds can also enjoy the shimmering water of the Kaptai Lake or the Foy’s Lake. There are many places in and around Chittagong where one can have a great honeymooning experience. Some of these places include the Cox’s Bazar, The Sundarbans and Himachari and Mahaskali to name a few.

The Sundarbans

Only about 320 kilometers from Dhaka, along the shores of Khulna, you will find an amazing stretch of mangrove forest, The Sundarbans. The delta swamps have become a preferred honeymoon destination for many newly wed couples who love adventure and also enjoy the beauty of nature and wildlife. It is a unique experience to enjoy a romantic vacation amidst tigers, monkeys, deer, snakes, crocodiles and other animals. One can enjoy the river cruise that is equipped with special cabins and amenities for couples on their honeymoon travel. Cruises operate both on River from Khulna and Mongla. There are lovely accommodations for newly weds to enjoy the magical beauty and serenity of the place. The BPC as well as various private tour operators offers package tours for honeymoon couples to Sundarbans.

Cox’s Bazar

This is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world and a great honeymoon destination. The place is well-connected from both Dhaka and Chittagong. Honeymoon couples can enjoy the picturesque beaches and water of the Bay of Bengal as well as hills, cliffs and forests that surround this small but colorful town. Cox’s Bazar is connected both by air and road from Dhaka and Chittagong. The key attractions of the place include Himchari, a world-class fascinating picnic spot, and a Buddhist temple at Ramu. The nearby island of Mohaskhali and St. Martin are fascinationg places to stay. Honeymoon couples can not only enjoy activities such as water surfing, sunbathing, swimming, but can also please their appetite with sumptuous sea food platters. Viewing the Sunset from the beach is an experience of a lifetime. Cox’s Bazar is also the hub of handloom products, handicrafts and cigars where honeymoon couples can enjoy some local shopping as well.


One of the most romantic destinations in Bangladesh is Kuakata. Honeymoon couples can simple enjoy the sandy beach, clear blue sky, and the evergreen forests. The coconut trees and the bay water are just a treat for the eye. The place is well connected to the Patuakhali district and the capital city of Dhaka.

Other places such as Mainamati and Salban Vihara in the district of Comilla, and Tamabil and Jaflong near the Sylhet-Shilong road are also ideal destination for honeymoon couples.

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