Enliven the Atmosphere with Popular Wedding Songs

Wedding songs have been the most integral part of every wedding ceremony since the earliest centuries. Be it a Hindu marriage, Muslim marriage, a Christian wedding, Indian marriage or any wedding celebration at any part of the world, one common thread in all marriage ceremonies across the world is music. Marriage celebration look dull, boring and remain incomplete when wedding songs are not played out. This holds true even for Bangladeshi weddings. The marriage of one of my friends who also happens to be a resident of Bangladesh- Mohona Biswas was one wedding event I would especially remember for the whole mood of the celebrations that was highly elevated by the thoughtful wedding songs played throughout the wedding rituals.

I was greatly impressed by the lovely choice of wedding songs that were played during the key days. Mohona’s was an arranged marriage to a guy whom she found through one of the reputed Bangladeshi marriage websites. Unlike other marriage ceremonies where marriage planners and event organizers are left to choose the wedding songs, it was the friends and family members from Mohona’s side as well as Mohona herself who chose the songs that were to be played during her marriage.

Although the wedding songs generally adds zing to any ceremony in a marriage, there is nothing to take the credit away from Mohona and the bridal party, who had put in careful thought and effort to select the wedding songs. The bridal party chose to stick to not only the conventional songs but selected different ones even to make sure that the wedding guests had a great time dancing to the tunes of their well-chosen songs. During some of the ceremonies held in the morning, Mohona chose traditional, classical and very soothing wedding songs that played out in the background while marriage rituals were performed. A traditional, folk wedding song was played during the haldi ceremony – the lyrics of which depicted the importance of marriage in a couple’s life. For the day just before the marriage, a sangeet ceremony was held where peppy, chartbusting and popular wedding songs from movies were played out.

On the day of mehendi and reception, Mohona also hired a vocalist to belt out some livelier wedding songs that could enliven the mood of guests present at the Bangladeshi marriage. The effort put in by Mohona and her family members indeed worked as songs played out on the wedding created an electrifying and cheerful atmosphere. Guests attending the ceremony from the groom’s side also enjoyed and rocked to the tunes of the wedding songs performed by professionals hired by the bridal party.

So, are you also planning the wedding songs for your upcoming wedding? 

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