Creative ideas for Outdoor Weddings

An outdoor wedding adds a charm and uniqueness to your special day that everyone will be sure to remember for a very long time. You can plan the theme of your wedding by using the outdoors as your backdrop.

If you plan to have a wedding in Bangladesh, take advantage of the scenic beauty and allow nature to be the theme for your Bengali wedding. Scout the different locations available that have the facilities for an outdoor wedding like gardens, beachfront locations or even open grounds. You can liven up any surrounding with a little creativity. Once you have selected a location, plan the décor and settings to suit your surrounding area. You could consider having earth tones as your color scheme to compliment the natural environment in a garden setting. The use of natural materials like bamboo mats or banana leaves for place settings would add a traditional yet suitable touch to your Bengali wedding. You could arrange a trellis with fresh flowers of your choice at the entrance to add to the appeal of the location.

A beach front locale offers innumerable options in terms of being able to use your creativity. You could use aqua based colors as your theme. Sea shells and smooth pebbles could be used to create unique table centerpieces. The use of delicate fabrics as tablecloths topped with exotic flowers could help you achieve the natural, beach theme you want to create for your outdoor wedding.

You could apply some creative tips to ensure that both you and your guests can enjoy your wedding in Bangladesh. You could have a beautiful tent set up or umbrellas to protect your guests from harsh weather elements.  Ensure that the lighting is not too harsh, either for your guests or for photography. Candles are a great option for subtle lighting as well as setting the ambience. You could consider having carpets laid out on certain walkways so that your guests do not have any trouble moving around and are free to mingle.

Environment friendly paper lanterns add an element of romance to your outdoor wedding. These paper lanterns could brighten up your beautiful Bengali wedding. You could add a sparkling element to your wedding in Bangladesh and decorate tall trees with lights as well as string them up between trees. Outdoor weddings allow you the luxury of giving your guests a stunning fireworks display, which will ensure that you end your wedding with a bang.

So, whether you choose to have a traditional theme or a beach theme for your Bengali wedding, add your own creative ideas along with attention to detail. Any new concept should be perfectly implemented by taking care of minutest details, so ensure that you don’t miss anything important. Take help of your creative buddies and invite suggestions to make it a unique wedding. This will absolutely ensure that not only you, but your guests as well will experience a Bengali wedding that will remain in their minds for a long time to come.

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