My First Experience of a Bangladeshi Wedding

My penchant for friendship with people from different nationalities rewarded me with invitations to attend festivities of various cultures. A few months back, I had an opportunity to attend a Bangladeshi wedding ceremony. The festive emotions, decor, grandeur of celebration, and food underlined with ethnic Bangladeshi wedding style added to my distinct experience. Since the day I received the invitation, I spent countless moments thinking about the exoticness of the famed Bangladeshi wedding cuisine, gorgeous women clad in beautiful sarees, elaborate rituals, and different cultural milieu. My great enthusiasm was equally greeted when I stepped into the large arena playing host to the Bangladeshi wedding party. Though both the bride and the groom work outside their country and are part of the cosmopolitan circle in New Delhi, the ceremony was studded with distinctive Bangladeshi wedding fiesta.

This Bangladeshi wedding was unique to me. It was a three-day affair. I was surprised to learn that, in older times, a Bangladeshi wedding was spread over seven days. The first day was marked by a traditional event called Gaye Haloud. The family of the groom visited the bride and there was a fest. When I inquired about the groom, I came to know that the bride and the groom were not allowed to meet four days before their marriage day. I really feel sorry for the chap not being a part of the fiesta. Family members put haloud or turmeric paste on the face and arm of the bride and fed her sweets. Her hands were decorated with mehndi, which, when dried, revealed dark orange tattoos. The ceremony was marked by singing, dancing, and sumptuous dinner. The next day, we attended the same kind of function at the groom’s residence. It was fun to see relatives taunting the groom while applying turmeric paste on his face.

The third day marked the lavish Bangladeshi wedding. I was so enthusiastic that I purchased a camera to capture some moments of this exotic experience. The bride and her groom were in their best. The colorful lehenga of the bride and the dazzling necklace around her neck was very attractive. Her gold and diamond-studded jewelry and bangles added to her charming makeup. The groom wearing cream-colored traditional suit and turban decorated with golden strings looked very handsome. He arrived in a Mercedes decked with flowers. The venue was also decorated to the fullest with aromatic flowers. The marriage ceremony ended in two hours after the completion of religious formalities and an elaborate and long reception.

The reception was one of the best I have attended. There were dances, performances, fun programs, and songs by artists, guests, and family members. The bride and the groom were sitting on a pedestal, where people went and greeted them with gifts. The traditional Bangladeshi wedding food served was rich in flavor and extravagant. Rice, fish and mutton curry were predominant. However, I enjoyed the roasted chicken and prawn the most. Also to my surprise, I found western, Indian, and Chinese food in a traditional Bangladeshi wedding. Once the celebrations were over, the ambience turned emotional. Finally, it was time for the bride to leave her parental home. Even I found quite difficult to control my feelings. The face of the bride was exuding a mixture of excitement and heartfelt emotions. The climax was marked by intense emotional scenes, and everyone wished her for a successful married life. I returned to my hotel around midnight.

More than two months have elapsed since that Bangladeshi wedding ceremony. But I still remember each and every moment of the ceremony. It is one of the finest marriage ceremonies I have ever attended. I hope to experience another colorful, lavish, and fun-studded Bangladeshi wedding in the future.

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