Add Color and Freshness With The Right Bridal Flower Bouquet Choice

The bridal bouquet is a vital accessory in most weddings in Western cultures. However, the trend of carrying a wedding flower bouquet by a bride is no longer restricted to foreign countries but is seen to be gaining prominence in wedding ceremonies taking place in other cultures and religions such as Indian marriages, Muslim marriages, Hindu marriages and even Bangladeshi weddings. Although carrying bridal bouquets is an emerging trend in most Asian countries, a lot of emphasis is being laid by the bride and her friends and relatives to make sure that they make the right wedding flower bouquet choice to add that dash of brightness, color, fragrance and beauty on the wedding day. Just a few days back the wedding I attended of my Bangladeshi friend- Alina Mondal serves as one of the fine examples on how much thought goes into choosing wedding flower bouquets for the brides in Bangladeshi marriages.

As Alina’s was an arranged marriage, Alina and her family wanted to keep the wedding ceremony and rituals in tune with the conventional customs as well as also have modern elements to highlight the importance of marriage in their culture. Although a bride with a flower bouquet is not so common in Bangladeshi weddings, it was a novel idea that her friends stumbled across while browsing through one of the popular Bangladeshi matrimonial websites. In most cases, bridal bouquets are made with the flowers of the choice of the bride. However, Alina made sure that her wedding flower bouquet complements her bridal outfit and goes well with the color combination of other bridal accessories and also the wedding theme for the bridal day.

To get the most creative bridal flower bouquet, Alina chose a famous florist shop, which will provide her with the right combination of flowers and also help her make a unique, artistic and flamboyant statement. She was shown a wide range of bouquet styles such as the teardrop posy bouquet style with a traditional shape and radiating an elegant look; a long slender sheath bouquet to be carried in style over one’s arm and also round bouquets with multi-hued flowers.

Alina was initially confused as to which color of flowers she should choose that could accentuate her beauty on the more special day. With bridal bouquets present in multitude of color options such as red, pink, green, orange, purple, white, blush, blue and fuchsia, Alina took a long time to decide on the color and the style of her bridal bouquet.  Finally she settled for a creative shower bouquet comprising of a posy with a trail of lavender color roses and a few white roses and green foliage to go with her bridal dress and the color theme of her reception day.

Like Alina, a lot of Bangladeshi modern brides are spending extra time to choose the right wedding flower bouquet. Some brides are also seen to be approaching famous wedding florists and wedding floral designers to create a unique and elegant combination of classic flower choices which sets the right tone, enhances the beauty of the wedding décor as well as the theme and also fits well within the budget.


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