Detail Explanation - How our matrimonial site works


You create a Profile


You create a profile for you or a family member who wishes to get married


Become a premium member


When you become a premium member, you can also become a client of a matchmaker.


Matchmaker finds Potential Matches


Your matchmaker sends you a list of profiles to review. You can also directly search for other profiles using the Search page.


You review Public Profiles


You review the Public Profiles of the other candidates. You do not have access to Private Profiles at this time.


You want to view the Private Profile


You send a request to disclose the private profile of the other candidate.


The other side agrees


Either the other candidate or the other matchmaker agrees to your request.


You view the Private Profile


Now both sides can view the private profiles of each candidate, and communicate with each other via MailBox.


You contact other side


Using the MailBox, you contact the other side. You can share phone numbers and contact via phone.


Successful Match


Both you and other side communicate and proceed further. You may agree to proceed to a happy marriage.

Learn how confidentiality works.

Who is a Matchmaker?

  • A matchmaker is responsible for finding potential matches.
  • Each matchmaker is connected to other matchmakers using our system.
  • Matchmakers are freelance business owners.
  • Matchmakers are real human beings. We have their identification documents, and pictures on file.
  • Matchmakers are rated by their clients. It allows future clients to find matchmakers who are more effective and sincere.

What is a Private Profile?

A private profile contains all information from the full profile. You need permission from the listing matchmaker in order to access the private profile of a candidate.
More information can be found at the Confidentiality page.