Profile Types

A candidate is someone for whom a matrimonial match is being sought. For each candidate, there is only one profile in our system. However, not all information on the profile can be viewed by everyone. You can control how much from your complete profile is visible to other users. A profile has two views:

  1. Public Profile
  2. Private Profile

Public Profile

This profile contains only a subset of information from your complete profile. You may choose to exclude certain information from this profile (such as your Photo). Other users do not need any permission to access this profile.

Private Profile

The private profile contains all the information from your complete profile. Other users need permission to access this profile. All fields from your Complete Profile always appear in the Private Profile.

Here is an example to show how various types of information can be hidden from the Public Profile:

Type of Information Private Profile Public Profile

In the above example, Photos, Hobbies, and Religions are not available in the Public Profile. Regular users will not able to view your photos, or learn about your hobbies and religions by looking at the Public Profile. They will need permission to access the Private Profile to view those information.

Having two profile types, we are empowering you to hide sensitive information from the Public Profile and share the Private Profile with only people you approve. This allows you to search for the perfect life partner for you or someone you love without needing to disclose your complete identity or other personal details. In Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, the parents of brides may be very skeptical about matrimonial sites which take advantage of the Internet. When using our site, they can hide sensitive information about their daughters from the general public and only disclose them when potentially suitable grooms can be identified.

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