Frequently Asked Questions

How It Works

Yes, we only focus on marriages. This is not a casual dating site. We specialize in marriages in Indian sub-continent (Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan).
  • Multiple views of a profile: Public, Private
  • Private Profile has all information from your profile
  • Public Profile has less information
  • Control the privacy level of each field

Yes. You can perform all the tasks yourself. You don't have to have a matchmaker.

However, a matchmaker will have the experience and time to find the best match for you. The matchmaker will use knowledge and additional skills which only a human can possess. The matchmaker brings a "human factor" in the whole matchmaking process.

SensibleMatch focuses on marriages in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. A marriage in the Indian sub-continent is a complex matter, and can not be put in a formula that a computer system can fully understand. That's why, a competent matchmaker can play a vital role in finding the right match for you.

With our Gold and Platinum plans, you get access to a matchmaker without any additional cost. While you use a matchmaker, you can continue to perform all the tasks yourself in parallel. You and your matchmaker can work as a team with the same goal in mind: your happiness.

The person for whom a match is being sought is called a "Candidate". Essentially, the candidate is the person who is going to get married after a perfect match is found. Each candidate has a profile on our system which describes the candidate. The person who creates the profile of the candidate is called the "Submitter". It is possible for the same person to be both submitter and candidate of a profile.

A profile is a description of a candidate who is supposed to get married. It lists various information about the candidate such as name, address, photos, physical attributes, interests, etc.

  • Private Profile Contains all information about the candidate. Other users require permission to access this profile.
  • Public Profile Contains a subset of the private profile. Other users do not require permission to access it.

Searching for a Match

Some of the information of a profile is only visible in the Private Profile. That's why, those information appear as 'private' in the Public Profile. You need to access the Private Profile to view them.

When you review the Profile of a candidate and you would like to remember this profile for future reference, you can add the Profile to your Favorites. In future, you can access the Favorites list by following the menu path: Other Profiles -> Favorites.

Any user can view the Public Profile of another user without any permission. However, looking at the Private Profile requires permission from the user who created the profile. When such permission is requested, it is called a Private Profile Access Request. Once the Private Profile Access Request is approved, both parties can also send mails to each other via MailBox. No contact information is shared.

Working with a Matchmaker

When you become a paying member, the plan you subscribe to is called a Premium Service Plan. There are three premium service plans: Silver Plan, Gold Plan, and Platinum Plan. They allow you to view the Private Profiles of other candidates, and contact them.

You can pay SensibleMatch online using a credit card or paypal. If you are unable to pay online, you can stop by at one of our offices to pay in person. When you try to make payment on our site, you will be asked how you want to pay. If you indicate that you want to pay in person, one of our customer support representatives will call you to notify you where to go to make the payment. All fees and payments are calculated in US dollars. However, when you make a payment in person, we will accept the payment in equivalent amount in local currency.

You can find a matchmaker in the following ways:

  • You get referred to a matchmaker by a friend
  • You get contacted by the matchmaker directl
  • You search for a matchmaker on our website

You can get services of a matchmaker if you are subscribed to Platinum plan. There is no other additional costs to you. Once you subscribe to this plan, you can assign a matchmaker to your profile under the menu path: Your Profile.

On the other hand, you can also stop by at the office of your matchmaker and become an offline client. In this case, you will interact with your matchmaker in person. You will not subscribe to any of the plans on our site. In fact, you will not use our website for any reason. You do not need to register as a user. Your matchmaker will create your profile on your behalf and interact with others as needed. You will pay your matchmaker directly based on the terms set by the matchmaker. Each matchmaker may have different fees based on many factors such as cost of doing business, services provided, etc. Please contact the matchmaker of your choice directly and learn about the fees. You can search for a matchmaker on our site (menu path when you are not logged in: Get Started -> Find A Matchmaker), and click on the "contact me/us" links available on the Matchmaker Profile.