Sensible Match

Glossary of Terms

Active Profile
A profile which is currently searchable by others. The Public Profile of this profile will be visible to everyone.
  • A matchmaker is responsible for finding potential matches.
  • Each matchmaker is connected to other matchmakers using our network.
  • Matchmakers are independent business owners or business organizations.
  • Matchmakers are real human beings or real business organizations with physical offices.
Matchmaker Profile
Each matchmaker has a matchmaker Profile. It contains a summary of all related information about a matchmaker including: Name, Picture, Address, etc. There will be links to detail information on individual items. A matchmaker profile can be used to learn about a matchmaker.
Authorization to Contact
When one user wants to contact another user, the user first sends a rquest to the second user to allow contact between these users. If the 2nd user approves the request, the contact can be made by either side.
The person for whom a match is being sought is called a "Candidate". Each candidate has a profile on our system which describes the candidate.
"Cc" stands for "carbon copy." Anyone listed in the Cc: field of a message receives a copy of that message when you send it. All other recipients of that message can see that the person you designated as a Cc: recipient has received a copy of the message.
Regular emails sent using the SMTP protocol. This is the traditional email. For example: hotmail.com, mail.yahoo.com, etc. will support emails.
Finder’s Fee
The fee a matchmaker gets from her own client for a successful match
Mails sent to the mailbox on our system. This is not traditional email. This mailbox can only be accessed using our website.
Other Candidate
The other candidate in an on-going match determination process. In the context of one side, the “other candidate” refers to the candidate of the other side.
Private Profile
Same as "Private View of Profile"
Private View of Profile
The private view will contain all information of a profile.
Public Profile
Same as "Public View of Profile"
Public View of Profile
The public view will contain only those information from the profile which can be viewed by any user when they make a search for a match.
The person who creates the candidate profile
Successful Match
When two candidates decide to take the relationship further, they declare a “Successful Match”. In a very traditional sense, a successful match may lead to marriage or engagement of the parties involved.