Want to have your own business?

Become the owner of a SensibleMatch Branch Office! There will be a single branch office per major city in Bangladesh. This opportunity is only available for a limited time.

SensibleMatchSensibleMatch is a Digital Matrimonial Platform for the Bangladeshi community. Patro/Patri from all over the world connect using our platform. We have a website, mobile app, and many many profiles already in our database. We have been in  this business for more than 15 years. This is a platform owned by a non-resident Bangladeshi living in USA.

We have our head office in Eastern Plaza in Dhaka. We are now opening offices in different districts. These offices will be owned and operated by independent business owners. We will give license to only one branch office per district. So, it will be on a first come, first serve basis (to qualified applicants). Hurry! If you delay, someone else may take this opportunity! contact us 

No Fees

No fees to pay us to get started.

You don't have to pay us any type of money ever!


You keep all income generated by the branch.

Types of income: Registration Fee, Successful Marriage Fee, Commission from app.

You will never have to pay any money to us.


You are the owner. You make all the decisions of this branch. For example: you set prices of various plans, you hire/fire employees, and make sure customers are happy.


You get instant access to our vast database. We have over 70,000 profiles/biodatas in our system. You will be able to find matches for your own customers.

What do we want in return? 

We want you to help us improve our brand recognition. You will make sure our customers are satisfied with overall experience when they interact with your branch. Even if a customer from another branch (from another district) comes to you, you will try to help them with proper courtesy.

We will give you more details over phone.