Sample Income Chart

Following table shows potential income of a matchmaker:

New offline clients per month Activation Fee for each offline candidate No of active online clients per month in Platinum Plan No of successful matches per month (offline + platinum) Commission from monthly subscription fee per Online Platinum Candidate Average Finder's Fee per Successful Match Total monthly revenue
5 $50 10 5 $25 $250 $1,750
10 $50 20 5 $25 $250 $2,250
10 $100 20 5 $25 $250 $2,750
20 $100 50 10 $25 $250 $5,750
  1. The sample information shown here is fictitious and used as an example only
  2. Your income will vary based on how many clients you have, and how much you charge for your services
  3. The commission for Platinum Plans shown here may not reflect the real commission as the price of the plan and percentage of commission is subject to change.
  4. This chart does not inlcude your income from non platinum plans. You may get commission from those plans as well.
  5. This chart assumes that you will receive only Activation Fee and Finder's Fee for offline clients. There will be no monthly membership fee. You could add other fees for additional personalized services you provide.
  6. You will be required to pay a fee/commission to SensibleMatch from the revenue you generate from offline clients.
  7. The amounts shown here are in US dollars. You will be charging your offline cients in local currencies. You will also get commission from SensibleMatch in local currencies if possible.
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