How You Make Money

As a matchmaker, you collect fees from your clients. There are two types of clients:
  1. Online Client
  2. Offline Client

Online Client
An Online Client becomes your customer, and interacts with you via our website. This client pays all fees to SensibleMatch, and you get a commission from SensibleMatch. Depending on the type of service plan (Silver, Gold, Platinum) the online client subscribes to, you get different percentages of commission. Details of this commission will be provided to you when we send you the complete application materials.

Offline Client
An Offline Client comes to your office to become your customer. This client does not use our website. This client is always in touch with you via phone, email, or in person. You do all the work for this client. How much you charge an offline client is determined by you. SensibleMatch is not involved in collecting any fees from this client. This client pays you directly for your services. You may add following types of fees in your offline service plans:

Fee Type for Offline Client Description
Activation Fee Client pays this fee as an initial sign-up fee.
Periodic Membership Fee This fee is paid on a periodic basis. Usually, this is a monthly fee which must be paid by the client so that you may continue to serve the client.
Finder's Fee If a match meets requirements of both candidates, it is called a Successful Match. For example, a decision to marry each other may result in declaring a successful match between two candidates. You may require your clients to pay a fee when a successful match occurs.

 You may decide not to charge a particular fee if you wish. You can have additional types of fees for any additional services you may provide. You control all fees for offline clients and you will disclose them to your clients when they come to your office or by advertisements.

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